My Pinup Inspirations

Being a pinup, you don’t often find inspirations for enhancing your pinup look when you glance around in your day to day life, at work and on the street. It’s easy to idolize famous goddesses like Dita Von Teese, but let’s face it, that woman is on a level all her own. The wonderful thing about the vintage community is that you can befriend and socially follow fellow pinups all over the world, women who don’t have the access to high-end designers and vaults of vintage couture that fame affords, yet whose vintage style is so flawless that it gives you new ideas as to how to branch out and perfect your own retro look. For me, I find a lot of my inspiration, support and all around fan-girl-obsessions online, especially through Instagram and fellow bloggers. Below are my absolute favourite ladies to follow, the women who inspire me with their style, beauty and creativity, but also with their big hearts and dazzling personilities. These are my fellow pinup inspirations.


Sarah Forshaw [Instagram @forshawsarah / Blog]
My little sister from another mister, this fellow pinup doll inspires me not just with her flawless Hepburn style and beauty, but with her unwavering positivity and support. She boots my spirit, encourages every craft project I undertake, and shares my life motto that if you want to get all dressed up there’s not a single good reason not to. She’s a keen photographer, blogger, yogi and one of my favourite people in the whole world.


Modern June Cleaver & Amelia Jetson [Instagrammers @Modernjunecleaver + @Ameliajetson / Joint Blog Junesbugs & Georgia Peaches]
The queens of multiple names, Amanda (Modern June Cleaver) and Katie (Amelia Jetson) are the dynamic pinup blogger duo behind Junebugs and Georgia Peaches, and they are flat out the most adorable best friend pair you will ever come across. So much so that it is near impossible not to want to be their best friend too. Great style, a lovely friendship they allow us to feel we’re apart of, and as sweet as their blog name suggests, these two perk up my Instagram feed and my spirit! Sweethearts and style queens, these nerdy girls are a treat.



Fuller Figure Fuller Bust [Instagram @fullerfigurefullerbust / Blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust ]
Georgina Horne  is a body positivity/style blogger, Instagram truth speaker and all around doll. A fellow Brit, I love her for being straight up about everything–and those curves don’t hurt! Will forever be indebted to her for sharing her discovery that large kids’ juggling scarves work as great headscarves for a fraction of the price.



Instagrammer @Str8outdafridge
Oh lord. Help me, for this lady’s every Instagram outfit post shows me heaven. With a perfect wardrobe and flawless styling, she is a wonder to behold. Add to that style and grace a beautiful face, as well as hair so good she’s at the top of my hairspo list, and this is a doll I insist you must follow. Forever inspiring me to find a perfect vintage dress in my size and budget. One day. One day!



Miss Winny [Instagram @misswinny1 / Youtube Pinupgirl Winny]
The Chinese pinup doll, Miss Winny is an international pinup model, and a Tumblr and Instagram favourite, for damn good reason. Because she literally does no wrong. It’s just silly the number of screenshots I have on my phone of Instagram posts so perfect that I needed to have them on hand for inspiration. Top to bottom perfect styling, makeup, hair. And that figure. It would be unfair if looking at her just wasn’t so awe inspiring.



Anna [Instagram @Redheadwithoutacause / Blog Redhead Without A Cause]
Anna is a bad bitch. I mean that in the best of ways. I was following this lady thinking she had never really bat at eye in my direction when she surprised me on my 28th birthday this May by sketching a collage of 4 selfies I had recently taken. So sweet, her kindness and full-steam-ahead attitude inspires me to post what I want to post, wear what I want to wear and to live bravely inside my body. Beginning her journey into plus sized modeling, I am so excited for the next chapter in Anna’s life–and our peek into it that Instagram affords.



Laura Byrnes & Micheline Pitt [Instagram @laurabyrnes / @michelinepitt ]
The dynamic duo of Pinup Girl Clothing’s supreme overlord and her bff head designer, of course, had to make my list, PUG fan that I am. But it’s not merely because they design my favourite clothes that I admire these women, but because they are so admirably devoted to doing great work both in their company and in their community, determined to make beautiful clothing for all bodies and all women. Driven, whip smart and both full of love, they are both the perfect balance of kind and hard-working that is so hard to strike.


Doris Mayday [Instagram @dorismayday]
Amazing model, manager at the LA Pinup Girl clothing boutique, and all around fabulous creature, Doris is as well known in the pinup community for her beautiful heart as her beautiful face. Her Instagram posts shine with positivity, kindness and good spirit, and I’m forever inspired to master the perfect elegant hands everytime I look at her modelling back catalogue. Absolute doll!



Signe Kofoed [Instagram @Witchbabypinup / Youtube Witch Baby ]
Pinup model, artist, musician and vintage enthusiast, if Signe’s killer eyeliner doesn’t inspire you to reach for your liquid liner and get practising then I’m not convinced you’re human. Beautiful, sick in front of a camera, and straight up cool, this woman makes me wish I was even paler than I am and even half as good at hair as she is. Hottie with sass, my favourite kind.

Hope you enjoyed finding out a little about my favourite ladies, who you should absolutely follow if you don’t already. See a lovely doll missing from the list that I absolutely ought to know about? Tell me about your pinup favourites in the comments below!

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