Keeping Warm with Vecchio Vintage

There are parts of being a pinup that can be a bit tricky when you live in the British countryside as I do, in a village so small it has less inhabitants by half than most high schools have students. I live around 30-40minutes away from my two nearest ‘big’ towns that would have decent thrift and vintage stores, but having grown up on a dairy farm tucked away on the outskirts of two parishes I still have that farm girl mentality that I don’t go ‘into town’ but every once in a while when it’s needed. For that reason I’ve never developed good vintage shopping skills, because I just don’t go that often or know where to start, and thus the access to true vintage in my life is pretty limited.

So I was pretty pleased to recently come into contact with Vecchio Vintage, a website offering a curated selection of vintage clothing and accessories, because sites like Vecchio Vintage do all the hard work for you; they scout and discover all the best vintage, and bring it together into one handy dandy online boutique where you can easily filter and sift through the selection without having to physically sift through endless clothing racks just looking for that rare diamond amongst the ruff(les.) See what I did there? 😉


I took a gamble and let Sharmina at Vecchio pick out something herself  to send me that she thought I might like–and a couple days later I arrived home on what had been a crappy Monday to find my mood lifted by the arrival of the cutest little parcel. It appeared to be a plain brown shoebox stamped with Veechio Vintage’s own name atop, and inside bore an adorable fluffy pink beret and a bonus Vecchio Vintage tote. I’m very much a girl who takes her reuseable bags to do her shopping, so I was loving this additional tote. Also, I’m a big fan of teal, so the colour scheme also tickled my fancy.

Amy, stop talking about the shopping bag, you say. Talk about the hat.

The hat! It is too cute. It can sometimes take people months or even years to realise I don’t wear pink, aside from on my lips. So it might surprise people to learn that I liked this fluffy candy floss confection of a head piece and that I was excited to step out of my styling comfort zone and think of a fresh way to style this piece. Considering this hat is warm and definitely primed to tackle the harsh cold of winter atop my noggin, I decided winter wonderland was the way to go. Off into the garden I went, grass sodden with fresh rainfall, to show you my warm little winter look before I popped out to run some errands.




Beret: Vecchio Vintage
Top: Pinup Girl Clothing Zooey top in white
Coat: Primark navy trench coat from a couple years back
Belt: Primark
Skirt: Bernie Dexter Osterley Winter dress turned into a skirt by my sister
Ballet flats: Asda pumps
Necklace: eBay crystal leaves necklace NKE24
Lips: Sunday girl WOW stick by Makeup Revolution with Bourjois Paris Velvet Matte lip cream in Olé Flamingo! over the top

In the full throes of winter I would add a scarf and more weather-appropriate shoes to this outfit, but given the climes are not yet fully testing my resilience to cold I instead had to keep a little glam on board this look by adding a super fancypants necklace which is wildly inappropriate for a trip to the grocery store and chemists. You know how I roll, babies.

Thank you Vecchio Vintage for the cutest little fuzzy head-warmer, I can tell I’m going to get a lot of use out of it this winter.

Tell me ladies, where do you get your vintage pieces? Do you ever shop for them online? What’s your favourite vintage piece you own? Let’s chat in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Keeping Warm with Vecchio Vintage

  1. I’ve never shopped online for true vintage, I much prefer rummaging around myself – for starters I’d assume that an online vintage store wouldn’t sell goods in need of TLC, for fairly obvious reasons, and sometimes the best finds are the ones that need a little care, or they give you a better idea of what you want to keep an eye out for!

    I love the shade of that hat, it’s cute and suits you well 🙂


    • I wish it wasn’t such an effort for me to go into a big enough town that has decent odds I’d find some good vintage finds but it’s just a trek for me, and to be honest I haven’t vintage shopped enough to feel confident in giving the right TLC to a find that needed it. It’s nice for me to know anything I get from sites like Vecchio will be in good condition and saved me the hassle of driving far into town for potentially no good reason 🙂 I totally get that rummaging works for you, if it were easier for me to access I’d do it too.


  2. I love vintage cloths or hairstyle. Now I’m very passionate about years ’20 fashion , the bohemian style being that hair and head accessories.
    But I’m developing a passion for hats.
    I’m very fond of ushanka hats but the beret totally works for me. Your beret is exceptionally cute,fluffy&pink how I like it.
    I’m searching for one for myself with a reasonable price.
    …well berets rock don’t they?


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