Titilated by Tartan

Somewhere around the time I became a pinup I also developed a serious thing for tartan. And plaid. Check. And all the other ways in which you can describe a cosy feeling criss cross of lines in various colours that I do not know the technical difference between yet all make me think of Christmas and log cabins and chopping wood. Those 3 things are things I’m totally down with.

My dream is to own a circle skirt in my 3 favourite tartan colourways: blackwatch green, navy with red, and red. But there’s plenty of temptation out there in the form of dresses too; in many forms, really, and across a wide price range. So for all you plaid and vintage loving dolls out there I thought I’d lay out all the plaid options I’ve come across recently that have had me drooling.

Vivien of Holloway
Vivien is perhaps queen of the tartan. Their circle skirts come in 5 tartan colourways, but they also offer pinafore pencil skirts in 7 tartans too, 3 plaid swagger jackets, aaaand pencil skirts in 8 tartan colourways. Below is just a taste of all VoH has to offer.
Price range: Mid


Voodoo Vixen
You can get two plaid print items from Voodoo Vixen, the same tartan colourway available as either a classic cap sleeved wiggle dress or a pinafore style flared dress–with pockets! The latter doesn’t have a full circle skirt, so bear that in mind if you’re adverse to the slimmer skirt style.
Price range: Low



Collectif offers some beautiful plaid pieces, as dresses, pencil skirts, a couple jackets, and some full skirts.
Price range: Mid



Tatyana has the Miranda dress, which I want badly because, hello, plaid, a swing skirt AND sleeves! It’d like being the chicest lumberjack in town.
Price range: Higher



Lindy Bop
Offer their classic Audrey swing dress in two ‘Tastefully Tartan’ plaid colourways, a plaid pinafore wiggle dress and a tartan pencil skirt shirt dress.
Price range: Low



British Retro
This brand has an audrey style swing dress available in 4 tartan colourways as well as those same four colourways available as full circle skirts. There’s also a killer wiggle dress, the ‘Matilda.’
Price range: Low to mid



Miss Candyfloss
Miss Candyfloss has a host of gorgeous tartan and plaid numbers, all of which I would happily own if I had the money.
Price range: Higher



Bernie Dexter
If Bernie Dexter is a brand that works for you in terms of sizing and fit then the Saturday Night Dress in black plaid is gorgeous. There’s also the Sunday Morning dress in Blue Tartan and the Lori dress in red tartan.
Price range: Higher


Do you own any of these gorgeous pieces, or any other tartan/plaid cuties in your closet? Does tartan give you the same snuggly christmassy feels it gives me?

7 thoughts on “Titilated by Tartan

  1. I have a teal & black tartan VoH skirt and I love it! It’s definitely very wintery, but I did look forward to being able to wear it again as the days started getting shorter this year.


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