Custom Summer Whites by Pinsandneedlespinup

A lot of people won’t wear white because they’re scared of spills and stains. I can only assume this is why companies don’t often make a lot of plain white dresses or skirts, but maybe it’s also down to the thickness and quality of the material they’d have to use to make sure it’s not translucent.

Because of this, my yearning for a plain white 50s style full-skirted dress that is not formal and wedding-esque has gone unsatiated for a couple years so far. A full gathered white skirt would satisfy my yearning as then I could pair it with white tops to make an all white outfit when I want as well as with colours and print. So, deciding this was my best move, I was thrilled when Etsy vintage-style clothes maker Jade of Pinsandneedlespinup said she could make me such a skirt. I told her I liked my gathered skirts to be super full, like the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirts, and Jade said this was no problem. You can imagine how thrilled I was when she told me my skirt was finished and she had even made it a little fuller than the Jenny skirts. That was heaven to my ears. And when I unwrapped my package to find the skirt it, too, was heavenly.

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Renee, Darling & Daring

Last summer Pinup Girl Clothing previewed the Renee dress, a halter neck dress with faux tied bust, Jenny-esque gathered skirt, and, most notable of all, a midriff cut out. Coming in 5 prints–Tipsy Elephant, Mint Pinup Girl, Navy and white Anchor print, and plain red and plain black–I immediately fell in love. Looking at the dress on Doris Mayday it, of course, looked utterly perfect. But I don’t have Doris’s body, and I have probably bared my midriff maybe thrice in my life? And that is just a guestimate as to what seems likely, not based on any actual memories of having done so. My stomach and its general surrounding area is my low-confidence area. So, while I haunted the Coming Soon section last summer waiting for the Renee (and the other dresses I was lusting after) to drop, I battled with myself as to whether I would have the ovaries to buy Renee when she came out.


All 5 Renee dresses, pictures courtesey of

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Lovely Lucite with Little Miss Savage

I don’t have pierced ears. It’s pretty rare these days and people tend to be shocked when I tell them that, as if I’ve told them I was born with one less toe than is usual. Even friends that have known me for a decade or more regularly forget about my Virgin ears. As a non-pinup it was hard to find clip ons so I didn’t bother, never adjusting therefore to the idea of adding earrings to an outfit to complete the look.

But then I became a pinup. I discovered that sparkly sparkly Lucite earrings were a thing. It took a while for the idea of them to seep through my years of never even thinking of earrings in order to become a wishlist item, but they recently became something I’ve really grown to love and I’ve been meaning to pick out my first pair. So it was a lovely and well-timed surprise that adorable Little Miss Savage sent me a surprise pair of gorgeous green Lucite clip ons from her new Lucite earrings range to try out. And my god. Y’all. I am in love. Converted. Bring me all the Lucite.

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Photoshoot Outtakes & Bloopers

I am no model. You know that, I certainly know that. I like to try my best to take some nice pictures for the clothes reviews I do but there’s no denying that most of the time I’m just a girl in a garden trying to resist the urge to fake eat the leaves or not bust out a few of my dorkiest moves. Usually when my sister is the one shooting me she’ll take pictures when I crack during these moments, but she also enjoys capturing it on film when I sneeze or cough or tell a long story while I think my face is out of shot, resulting in some truly unflattering but classic shots. So here, from me to you, is the gift of my ridiculous blog shoot outtakes. When you’ve finished looking through them, please pretend you still think I’m pretty and glamorous, for both of our sakes, because the illusion is about to be so badly shattered, you guys.

To enjoy it in it’s full glory click on the first picture to view in full size and scroll through the entire series with the navigation arrows.

Giselle, this one’s for you, girl!

You are so welcome, and also I am so sorry.

Getting Puffy with Lindy Bop [Petticoat Review]

I am all about big skirts. If a skirt isn’t a full circle it legitimately makes me sad. If a skirt can encompass two or three petticoats, I am a happy girl. So it should come as no surprise that I’m addicted to wearing petticoats. I own several cheap eBay Hong Kong type McJobbies that I layer two or three deep to get premium puff on the regular, as well as a beautiful Malco Modes Jennifer petticoat that puts all others to shame with the sheer superlative of it’s softness. I was very intrigued, therefore, when I recently saw that Lindy Bop, pinup budget brand giant, greatly extended their own petticoat line.

I’m not sure if I’m mistaken in believing that Lindy Bop has offered petticoats before now, but now their range includes 26″, 28″, 30″ length petticoats as well as 9 different colours. Lindy Bop have been offering 10-15% off orders pretty regularly lately so I jumped on board with one of these voucher codes and ordered a 26″ black petticoat to review.

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A Little Bit Of Toile


Seeing a picture of the always fabulous Miss Winny in this toile design a couple months ago sparked a dress lust inside me so fierce it almost made me ache with the sad fizzling passion of a dying sun. The dress is Le Palais Vintage, a line Winny designs herself, but said line doesn’t size high enough to accommodate my pasta tummy and my cake hips, so buying this exact dress was out of the question for me. I went on a google spree and found a picture of Dita Von Teese rocking another gorgeous toile design–a Vivienne of Westwood number, which was, needless to say, out of my price range. My search engine travels did turn up many a willow pattern-esque result, but all of them seemed to price at $150 and above and this little lady has got to stop spending so much this year to start saving for her stateside jaunt this fall. Continue reading

A Pinup In Sleeves: Part III [Lindy Bop ‘Holly’]

Part three of this Pinup in Sleeves series is coming to you as a guest post from my darling friend Sophie, fellow British Belle, blogger at Petticoatsandteacups and Instagrammer @missfififvonfosse

Hello readers! Fifi von Fosse here from Petticoats and Teacups, invading Miss Amy May’s Pinup in Sleeves series! As a vintage loving gal liking a little bit of upper arm coverage, I jumped at the chance to write a little post for you, telling you all about the gorgeous LindyBop ‘Holly’ dress.

So picture the scene. It’s early November, and you are just starting out your search to find the perfect festive dress. Up pops the Holly and voila- the search is over! Coming in at £29.99, it wasn’t exactly a bank breaker, especially leading up to the Christmas shopping rush, and the gorgeous deep berry colour just screamed festive perfection to me.

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Voodoo Vixen With Some [London] Edge


London Edge is a fashion industry event at which alternative labels preview their new lines for the upcoming season. As alternative fashion includes retro and vintage styled clothing some of your favorite UK repro brands took up spots in London this past week to debut their Spring/Summer lines. This year’s SS event was sponsored by Voodoo Vixen, and the lovely VV team invited a selection of bloggers to attend the bloggers press day on Sunday to see what exciting things were going on. I was lucky enough to invited, along with 3 of my fellow British Belles, so what was already an exciting day became even more so as it morphed into a mini Belles reunion.

The first thing I did when I arrived at the event–and I do mean the first thing–was head to the Voodoo Vixen stand to peek at their spring line. This beeline excitement stemmed from a hunch I had that they would have at least one nautical piece coming up, and I was right–I immediately spotted a blue nautical print featuring a white ship’s wheel, featured not only on a wiggle dress and a flared dress, but also on an adorable shorts and top set. Hello sailor! There were lots of lovely items I spied from the new season that I loved, but the other stand-out piece that caught my eye and swiftly wooed me was a beautiful peach and white gingham flared dress with a super cute bow necktie detail. The second these pieces go on sale I am snatching them up!


Belles in the bathroom!

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Vamping Out With Queen of Heartz

Queen of Heartz is a retro clothing brand established in 2001 by owner and designer, Letty Tennant, a lover of fine textiles and classic prints that harken back to the authentic silhouettes and stylings of bygone eras as clothes used to be made. All their clothes are handmade in LA and Orange county, offering quality American-made products crafted with care, and the company even offers a custom made atelier section on their site, Letty’s own favourite part of her business.

For a while I owned a Queen of Heartz piece without even realising I did, as I had bought the navy polka dot QoH Olivia dress through Unique Vintage over a year ago, not paying attention at first to which brand made it. This dress is one of my favourites, not merely because the nautical combination of navy and white is one of my favourite colour themes, but because it just fits so well. Every time I wear it people tell me it looks like it was made for me, and I feel so good in it I begin to believe it myself. The entire dress fits me flatteringly on every conceivable body contour and the skirt perfectly encompasses my infamous double petticoats with ease and grace, something which is sure to win me over fast.

Given that I am so smitten with this full skirted QoH piece, I wanted to give one of their gorgeous wiggle dresses a try. Enter, the Vamp dress! This dress is gothic, chic, sexy and classy all at once. Considering that special dark and sultry vibe this dress oozes, I layered on the black lace and tulle to take some vampish shots especially for this post.

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