Getting Puffy with Lindy Bop [Petticoat Review]

I am all about big skirts. If a skirt isn’t a full circle it legitimately makes me sad. If a skirt can encompass two or three petticoats, I am a happy girl. So it should come as no surprise that I’m addicted to wearing petticoats. I own several cheap eBay Hong Kong type McJobbies that I layer two or three deep to get premium puff on the regular, as well as a beautiful Malco Modes Jennifer petticoat that puts all others to shame with the sheer superlative of it’s softness. I was very intrigued, therefore, when I recently saw that Lindy Bop, pinup budget brand giant, greatly extended their own petticoat line.

I’m not sure if I’m mistaken in believing that Lindy Bop has offered petticoats before now, but now their range includes 26″, 28″, 30″ length petticoats as well as 9 different colours. Lindy Bop have been offering 10-15% off orders pretty regularly lately so I jumped on board with one of these voucher codes and ordered a 26″ black petticoat to review.



Without petticoat, petticoat alone, with petticoat

These petticoats are made from organza net mesh tulle, making them rather stiff. This is a big win because it means the layers push against one another rather than collapsing into one another, therefore creating excellent volume even beneath a heavy skirt. I’ve pictured it here beneath one of my Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirts, which is quite a heavy skirt as far as heavy skirts go. Usually I layer two petticoats beneath my Jenny skirts to get the shape I like, but with this Lindy Bop petticoat one skirt alone sufficed to give me satisfactory volume, something that impressed me.



This 26″ skirt in particular costs £21.99, meaning it breaks out about even with the cost of my usual petticoat get-up of wearing two eBay Hong Kong cheap pettiskirts together. Cost-wise and volume-wise the Lindy Bop skirts made me really happy and I am half tempted to buy one up in a couple other colours except for one thing…They’re scratchy. Really scratchy. I could tell as soon as I unpacked it that it lacked the cloud softness of my Malco Modes petticoat, but for the price I would have been naíve to expect matching quality for a third of the cost. No, I hadn’t expected the organza tulle layers to be feather soft on my skin, and my eBay petticoats certainly can’t lay claim to that quality either. But when I got into my car to drive to a friend’s house and tucked this petticoat around me it shocked me just how very scratchy it was, enough so that it left me shifting and adjusting the layers about my legs constantly as I made the short drive. It has a lovely soft and long underlayer beneath the tulle but in this instance it didn’t seem to be doing much good.

I’ve worn the petticoat twice since then, sitting for at least part the time in those instances, and the scratchiness didn’t seem as noticeable. Either the tulle is wearing softer or I was just very unlucky with the way the layers settled themselves around me that first time when they were fresh out of the bag. My eBay skirts were never as scratchy as this and additionally have worn softer over time, so I’m hoping that this skirt may wear down softly too. Even the scratchiness hasn’t totally put me off this, though. I still kinda love it just because I love the volume it gives. I won’t wear it if I know I’m going to be sitting down all night, but for social mostly-standing occasions or for running around living my daily life this skirt gives me my perfect volume level at a reasonable price.

If you’re someone who absolutely cannot stand the idea of the occasional scratchy sensation then this skirt isn’t for you. However, if you like a lot of volume in your skirts, don’t mind a bit of itch, or tend to wear your skirts dancing, standing or walking around anyway then this skirt will work for you, especially if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to splash out for the softer market options. Malco Modes has been the top of the softness pile in the petticoats I’ve tried, and Hell Bunny comes in below it at a reasonable price, but this skirt has volume to recommend it and, for me, that’s one of the greatest inducements. Worth a try for fellow hard-wearing ladies who want big skirts without the big splurge.

6 thoughts on “Getting Puffy with Lindy Bop [Petticoat Review]

  1. Hiya Amy 🙂 I was wondering if you have ever machine wash/dry your petticoats? I own like 3 of the cheap eBay petticoats and have noticed that if I wash them in cold with some fabric softener, and dry them on low heat/fluff it really helps get rid of a lot of the scratchyness. And as an added bonus makes them very fluffy! Maybe I’m being a total ‘noob’ and this isn’t at all advisable but I was wondering.
    ❤ kay


  2. I’m still getting used to the idea of petticoats. I feel like they make me look larger than what I am. I think I just need to suck it up and dive into them! I’ll have to check out one at a local shop. Thank you, as always, for your blog ❤


    • I think sometimes it can kind of feel like it makes you look larger, but at the same time it makes your waist look smaller so eventually your brain balances out what it’s seeing and gets used to it. Now I feel super weird in a full skirted dress without a petticoat but I know it took me some getting used to as well ❤


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