Custom Summer Whites by Pinsandneedlespinup

A lot of people won’t wear white because they’re scared of spills and stains. I can only assume this is why companies don’t often make a lot of plain white dresses or skirts, but maybe it’s also down to the thickness and quality of the material they’d have to use to make sure it’s not translucent.

Because of this, my yearning for a plain white 50s style full-skirted dress that is not formal and wedding-esque has gone unsatiated for a couple years so far. A full gathered white skirt would satisfy my yearning as then I could pair it with white tops to make an all white outfit when I want as well as with colours and print. So, deciding this was my best move, I was thrilled when Etsy vintage-style clothes maker Jade of Pinsandneedlespinup said she could make me such a skirt. I told her I liked my gathered skirts to be super full, like the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirts, and Jade said this was no problem. You can imagine how thrilled I was when she told me my skirt was finished and she had even made it a little fuller than the Jenny skirts. That was heaven to my ears. And when I unwrapped my package to find the skirt it, too, was heavenly.


Skirt: Custom PinsAndNeedlesPinup
Top: Primark
Belt: eBay
Shoes: from several years back
Bangles: Dorothy Perkins

It’s incredibly full, outrageously so, my favourite kind of skirt! The length is perfect, it’s not see-through, even able to house a black petticoat underneath without looking odd, and Jade was even adorable enough to make and send a matching hair bow. I am so excited to wear this skirt with a dozen different white tops to create perfect summer chic outfits and winter whites, as well as styling this in one of my favourite style themes–nautical! As you can tell from these photos. Tiki is another way I can’t wait to wear this skirt with tropical prints and bright flowers, bamboo bangles and brown wedges included.

My skirt cost me $80 delivered. Jade makes a whole host of pieces, from circle skirts in a range of different fabrics and prints (including fun geeky prints, like Star Wars) to tops to dresses. All are custom made to your measurements and specifications, in a variety of fabrics, and her Instagram Pinsandneedlespinup is a great place to go to see examples of her past works. I’ve got ideas for a dress I want to commission in future, but for now, if you need me, I’ll be swanning around like I think I’m a Disney princess in my awesome white skirt.

2 thoughts on “Custom Summer Whites by Pinsandneedlespinup

  1. It’s lovely! I’m dying to wear it in an all white outfit but currently I still have a lot of new dresses waiting in line to get their first ‘wear’ out, so the all white will have to wait. What a tough problem to have, right? 😉


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