Edgy Pinup – The Coat Alternative

Being a pinup can cause some serious weather-related frustration, some ‘But my outfit is so cute and no one will see it under my coat!’ pain. It’s a sad fact that adapting your favourite pinup looks to the weather can be difficult, but the one good thing about super cold weather is at least it makes your coat decision easy–you simply grab the warmest coat you have. Luckily a swing coat, full sleeved and able to house your petticoated full circle skirt, looks as classic and chic as it is warm.

But in that time just before Spring–and well into spring, to be fair, for us dreary Island dwelling Brits used to random bursts of damp and chilly weather most the year round–it can be hard to balance your outerwear needs with your outfit requirements. Yes, your trench coat will look good, but if the sun peeks out later you’re not only going to get too hot but you’re going to have to cart that coat around, looking as cumbersome and bothered as you feel. Going without a jacket at all is asking not only for trouble but rain and possibly wind too. Finding a cute middle ground that works with a full circle skirt as well as pencil skirt can be hard.


That, my lovelies, is why I like a cropped (faux or not) leather  jacket. Leather style jackets are thick enough to keep you warm if there’s a chill about without covering up your entire person and, therefore, your outfit. A cropped leather jacket can add an edgy, interesting flair to your vintage look, and let’s face it, with red lips and cats eye sunglasses there’s no way strangers aren’t going to be eyeing the cool 50s chick wondering what her deal is.

My jacket is one I got last summer from British high street chain New Look, for around £40. There’s a lot of different places you can get leather jackets, across multiple price ranges, so below are just some I’ve found for you.

leath1Get Your Moto On Jacket by Pinup Girl Clothing $82 – This is actually stretchy cotton/nylon blend jacket, so it’s got that biker look without the leather or faux leather finish, which is great for ladies who aren’t fans of leather style.

leath2Wild Child Twill Motorcycle Jacket by Pinup Girl Clothing  $88 – This is another non-leather-effect option in black twill with lots of those classic biker jacket zips and and a belt.

leather3Faux Leather Biker Jacket by Forever 21 $37 – This taupe option will work for ladies who don’t like a lot of black in their wardrobe (I know, shocking, but they do exist!) Plus, at $37 it’s super budget-friendly.

leath4Zippered Faux Leather Moto Jacket by Forever 21 $38 – Another non-black option, this burgundy jacket is also budget friendly and faux-leather.

leather5Faux Leather Moto Jacket by Forever 21 $35 – This textured faux jacket comes in 3 colours, Black, Olive and Burgundy; who doesn’t love colourway choice?


Black Cross Stitch Biker Jacket by New Look £39.99 – Most similar to the New Look jacket I already own, this jacket features the classic biker jacket textured quilted look.

leath7Black Leather Look Waterfall Jacket by New Look £39.99 – This jacket features a waterfall neckline, which is a feature I love.

leath8Faux Leather Peplum Biker Jacket by Topshop £50 – This jacket has a slight flare to the waistline, which means it will meet your ample-waisted circle skirts with a gentle, accommodating curve rather than the awkward look of a straight-line jacket trying to contain the puffiness beneath, only for the skirt to flare out dramatically beneath the hem of a jacket that doesn’t fit the silhouette.

leathtop1Faux Leather Biker Jacket by Topshop £52 – A classic cut biker jacket, this piece is available in both petite and regular sizes.

leath9Biker Jacket by H&M £29.99 – Another piece featuring a slight peplum, this jacket also has quilted look sleeves and a diagonal zip. The most budget-friendly UK option on the list.

leathhm2Biker Jacket by H&M £29.99 – While H&M is wasting no time on coming up with elaborate item names, this is another cheapest-UK option that has quilting features, this time vertically on the upper sleeve.

If none of these options are right for you then take to the mall and your nearest thrift/vintage/charity stores to find something you love. It can take a bit of time depending upon how lucky you are with the area you live (as a countryside lass, I mostly just searched online for mine,) but when you find your perfect fit it’s worth it. Now excuse me while I throw on my jacket with some cropped black pants and pretend I’m in Grease.


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