Nifty Novelties 

While I appreciate cute things, normally they’re not really my style to actually wear. I often see and love novelty brooches…but know I probably won’t find a place for them on my outfits. I admire cute kitsch prints on circle skirts but I know I likely wouldn’t wear one. I am merely a from-afar appreciator of all things adorable and cutesy and darling. But recently New Look have been cranking out one adorable novelty clutch bag after another, and I’ve got to say, I’m sorely tempted to break my usual style rules to partake in the novelty.

Voodoo Vixen Chelsea dress

I have one milkshake clutch bag I got from New Look on sale at the end of last year. It was reduced to only £4 at the time, so even though I wasn’t sure I would ever wear it I knew it was too sweet and cheap to pass up. As it happens, I did find a way to wear it, pairing it recently with my Chelsea Voodoo Vixen dress. Doing so I couldn’t help but feel like I was ready to stroll along a beach or soak up the sun in the very cutest fashion.

I checked the New Look website again recently out of curiosity to see if they had expanded their designs from the handful I was aware of from last year, and boy have they!

All of these cost £12.99 each and you can get them all from the New Look website, with the Coral Lolly design being an online exclusive. New Look offer international shipping so you non-UK readers can still get in on the adorable action. I’m kind of in love with the ice cream, strawberry and lemon slice clutches, so these might have to go on my birthday wishlist!

Do you like to rock a bit of kitsch or novelty with your outfits? Which bag makes you do kiddie grabby-hands?

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