[Little Black] Dress In Your Sundae Best

I mentioned last week that I recently bought the Black Evening dress from Doll Me Up Darling in the same order in which I bought two of their Vixen Vondetta tops. I was torn between buying the black version of this dress or the red, as I want both, really, but I took the totally practical route of ordering this one because it was currently in stock. It’s a very simple dress and that’s a great thing, because it can be styled in whichever way takes your fancy. I like it so much that the red is definitely going on my wishlist now.

Doll Me Up Darling Black Evening Dress

Doll Me Up Darling Black Evening Dress

Doll Me Up Darling Black Evening Dress

Doll Me Up Darling Black Evening Dress


Doll Me Up Darling Black Evening Dress

Dress: Black Evening Dress by Doll Me Up Darling
Brooch & Shoes: Both handmade by me (tutorial to come soon)
Cardigan: Peacocks (last year)

Krista, Doll Me Up’s owner, thought from my Instagram pictures that the Medium of this dress might fit me but with my 32-33 inch waist I insisted I felt safer sticking with the Lovely size which listed measurements of Bust: 40-44 and Waist: 30-33. When I got it and tried it on I was pleased to see it was a perfect fit. The bust would accommodate extra padding that I don’t have up top (39 inches) for ladies who are bustier than I but it isn’t lose on me. It’s a great length and happily fits a petticoat–I haven’t layered up to my infamous double pettis yet, but I have no doubt this dress will take that. The fit in general is just totally comfortable.  It’s a dress I could just as easily dress up to be worn in evening, as its name suggests be done, as I could to dress it down casually to lounge around all night with a friend, for which I have worn it and found it worked perfectly for remaining both comfy and cute. I enjoyed styling it with especial cuteness in mind with the above ice cream sundae touches over the Easter long weekend.

The Black Evening Dress costs $53.99, which is practically a bargain, especially as it’s made in the USA. Doll Me Up Darling ship internationally and offer really affordable shipping price options, which is great as often ordering from America to the UK (and other countries, I know) can be very pricey. When I ordered this dress and two tops altogether international shipping from the USA to the UK was only $8.99 for the economy option. Faster delivery options are available if you want your items quickly and can pay more, but mine only took a couple weeks to reach me, which is pretty good for an economy mail service. If you want any help on sizing you can contact Krista, Doll Me Up’s owner, who’s only too happy to help and is a total doll.

5 thoughts on “[Little Black] Dress In Your Sundae Best

  1. You look fantastic. I can’t wait for your ice cream details post- they look SO CUTE!!!
    Thank you for bringing the double petticoat idea into my life- I’m now obsessed with it- I’m even thinking about layering a third!
    Ps. Congratulations on modelling for deadly dames- you make modelling look flawless. If you even want to do a “pose like a pin up” post I’ll be an avid reader.


    • Aww thank you, doll! I’m not sure I’m qualified to write a ‘pose like a pinup’ post but it might be fun to get some more video of me doing my thing on future blog shoots. I know Miss Victory Violet has written a blog before about posing 101, so you can scamper over to her site and give that a read!

      And double petticoats. Girl! I layer in a third too whenever I can fit one. My rule is the bigger the better. It’s like a wide circle of fabulousness around you wherever you go.


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