Wishful Thinking – A Pinup’s Birthday List

I come from a big family and part of having that background is that we’re really organised when it comes to gift giving holidays. At Christmas I ask all my siblings, niblings, in-laws and mother to write wishlists and to report to me when they would like gift ideas for one another so I can keep check and make sure there’s no repeat gifting. This carries over to our birthdays too.

Last year I asked any friends or family who wanted to buy me a present to please give me a Pinup Girl Clothing giftcard, if they were happy to, and I was thrilled to be able to buy 3 brand new dresses I had been lusting after for months from their Summer line. This year I can’t help but ask for the same kind of funding for my PUG habit, especially as I’m saving for my US trip this autumn, but there’s so many gorgeous things I’ve seen that I thought it would be fun to create an imaginary wishlist post of other things I have been loving lately. I definitely can’t afford to buy all these things right now, but maybe you’ll see something you love too and if you buy anything, you can let me live vicariously through you. We’ll hold hands online and breathe in the prettiness, it’ll be super neat, I promise.


Glamour Bunny Seven Year Itch dress


Hell Bunny Constance dress


Hell Bunny Eveline dress in white


Hell Bunny Honor dress


PUG Commuter Jenny dress


PUG Hawaiian Hideaway dress in Orange Floral Stripes & Bolero


PUG Sea Siren dress in Turquoise & Pink


PUG Vamp Dress in Cream Floral


Unique Vintage Eva Marie swing dress

Doll Me Up Darling Lemon Clutch Bag

Doll Me Up Darling Lemon Clutch Bag

LA Splash Lip Couture in Malevolent

LA Splash Lip Couture in Malevolent

LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse in Inflamed

LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse in Inflamed

Stone Ice Cream Clutch

Stone Ice Cream Clutch

Doll Me Up Darling Red Evening Dress

Doll Me Up Darling Red Evening Dress

Red Strawberry Clutch

Red Strawberry Clutch

I don’t ask for much, right? ha! Realistically, if I get my grubby paws on even 3 of these things I’ll be psyched, but I’m sure the rest will stay on my lust list until we’re one day united ❤

What’s on your lust list at the moment? 

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