Budget Circle Skirt Face Off: Lindy Bop vs Hell Bunny

Lindybop Peggy Hell Bunny Paula Full Circle skirt

I’m not a huge wearer of circle skirts because I like my skirts so voluminous that I prefer my skirts to be gathered, amounting to being a full circle skirt double plus in puff factor. That said, for a more casual look or practical situations sometimes a ‘mere’ full circle is preferred or required, so over time I’ve tried out a few here and there. Two I own are the Paula skirt by Hell Bunny and the Peggy skirt by Lindybop. Below I’m wearing both skirts over the Lindybop 26″ petticoat and with my Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant top in white.

Lindybop Peggy Hell Bunny Paula Full Circle skirt

Lindybop Peggy in Midnight Blue

The Lindybop Peggy, above, is 26 inches long, fastens with a zip topped by a hook and eye closure, and is made from a good quality medium weight non-stretch cotton. That non-stretch cotton gives a decent weighted feel to the skirt but allows for no give in the waistband, so selecting your correct size is important. It comes in 3 plain colours, black, navy and red, and 15 prints including polka dots and butterflies.


Hell Bunny Paula skirt in White

Hell Bunny Paula skirt in White


The Paula skirt by Hell Bunny, above, is 27 inches long, fastens with a zip topped by a button, and is made from a lightweight cotton. It isn’t lined, so that thinner cotton means the skirt feels flimsier than the Lindybop Peggy skirt, even though the latter isn’t lined either. In a size L, which is equivalent to a UK 14, this skirt runs large, as most Hell Bunny garments do, and the waistband has no interfacing, so it folds over easily as it’s made from the same thin cotton as the rest of the skirt. It comes in mostly plain colours, black, navy, red and pastels, and two rose floral prints, which are called the Cannes skirt rather than Paula, but which are identical in design and quality. Hell Bunny only wholesale, so you can purchase this skirt from multiple international Hell Bunny online retailers, including eBay stores, and brick and mortar stockists of the brand.

Lindybop Peggy Hell Bunny Paula Full Circle skirt

I have to say, the Lindybop Peggy skirt wins easily for me. Given that the Lindybop skirt is made of a better quality fabric, fits better and is affordably priced at only £19.99, this is not only a great full circle skirt on its own merit, but trumps the Hell Bunny on price too, coming in several pounds cheaper than the Paula’s typical £26.99-£34.99 pricing range. The only plus points the Paula has over the Peggy is that it is available in more plain colours than the Peggy is, including lighter colours such as this featured white and pastels, and that incredibly hot climates could make the lightweight fabric a plus. Unless you want those lighter colours or think a thin cotton is going to make a huge difference in your comfort compared to a medium cotton, I recommend you spend your money on the Lindybop Peggy, hands down.

Do you own either of these skirts? What are your thoughts on them?

9 thoughts on “Budget Circle Skirt Face Off: Lindy Bop vs Hell Bunny

  1. I love LindyBop’s quality in all their items. Their dresses are made of thicker material than most and feel so durable. They also almost always have some stretch, which rocks my socks!!


    • This just goes to show different things work better for different people 🙂 For me Lindybop always has too much stretch for something that already typically runs large in the waist but fitted everywhere else, so I can’t get a consistent all over fit from them despite not having this issue with any other company (and am, therefore, probably not so weirdly shaped that no one can adequately clothe me, lol.)


  2. They both look gorgeous on you! I am curious though, which countries are these skirts made in? Ive found that makes a huge difference on fabric quality, lasting, and the stretch/give factor 🙂


  3. The lindy bop skirts are great in the patterned varieties however I also own the plain blue, black and red ones and find they get funny fade marks in the wash and the zipper is really badly stitched into all of them, all have needed serious repair jobs! I own a couple of the floral ones though and I find the quality much higher


    • Oh that’s interesting, I haven’t come across funny fade marks on mine yet and the zipper is holding up. Odd that their printed ones seem better quality to you! I don’t have any floral ones to compare.


  4. I’m really glad I saw this post as I’ve been wanting a plain black circle skirt and debating the best brand to get it from.
    I was wondering how the fit of the Lindy Bop skirt compared to their dresses please? The first Audrey I bought was really big so I’ve gone a size down since.


    • I found the skirt fit a bit snugger than the one Audrey dress I have, but I wouldn’t say there’s a huge difference between the sizing. The skirt is true to size and their Audrey’s are more true to size than the rest of their dresses, I’ve found

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