1 Year Blogiversary Retrospective & Giveaway

It’s here, I made it; My blog is a year old as of this past Sunday! It seems crazy that it’s been one year since I posted my first blog post, but even more so when you consider that the fact it ever happened at all was practically an accident.

This time last year, an Instagram addict and new to having around 2000 followers, I was regularly receiving questions and pleas for tips on pinup hair, makeup and clothing fit from ladies new to the style or simply in need of a bit of help. I was a fairly new pinup myself–still am, relatively, having begun transitioning to this style in early 2013–so I didn’t feel like I had much I could offer, except maybe advice from that angle of adjusting and learning myself. When I asked on Instagram whether any ladies would be interested in seeing me start a blog I was astounded by the number and enthusiasm of the ‘YES!’s I received. So it was settled. I began.

Back then I couldn’t have imagined what blogging would entail, how much time it would take up in my weekly schedule to commit to putting up 2 blog posts a week and trying to provide decent, diverse content for it. Blogging actually isn’t a very glamorous task when you look at it on the whole and not the final pretty pictures; for me, it often entails dragging myself up early on a Saturday morning to do my hair and makeup before most people have even first stirred so that I can get blog pictures done after my Tesco shop. Really. I typically blog in my pajamas or sweats, sometimes wearing a facemask or with coconut oil in my hair. It can be stressful sometimes, during busy spates when I have a run of 4 hectic weekends in a row with no time to blog and I have to draft posts ahead of schedule after work when I’m tired because I only have one night that week spare for writing. Most people don’t really wonder about that scheduling aspect of it and probably only think about the pictures. But, thankfully, it’s also fun. And because it’s sometimes stressful and challenging, it’s often rewarding.

I enjoy seeing the post take shape. A typical post has been stewing in my mind for a couple of weeks before I get around to working on it, many posts sitting on the back burner for a month, and some taking as long as three when I’m busy and the content isn’t pressing. Some posts fall together with 30 minutes of work, but some can take 6+ hours once you factor in photoshoot prep and shoot times, and then selecting and editing photosets on top of the writing. Posting reviews that involve that much work gives me a sense of pride and achievement when they’re done. I used to write all the time throughout my teens and early 20s and fell out of the habit once I fully (though reluctantly) entered adulthood, so having this blog as a productive and fun way to stretch my writing muscles again after years of atrophy has been a joy. That’s something I wouldn’t have had if so many of you lovely ladies hadn’t convinced me I had something to offer you all, and for that I thank you.

So, because I can’t imagine what I would have done with all my pent up creativity this past year had it not been for all you lovelies, and because I owe you a big dollop of thanks, I’ve decided to celebrate my first blogiversary with a giveaway.

If you regularly read the blog or follow me on Instagram then you’re bound to have seen me sporting a pair of my much beloved red bedazzled shoes–whether my heels or my ballet flats. My heels, especially, always get attention whenever I wear them, and I always feel bad when I tell ladies I handmade them myself and they can’t be picked up at the mall. A bedazzling tutorial was one of my first posts here on the blog which showed you how you could make your own pair, but since I know bedazzling a pair of shoes can take up a lot of time that some of you ladies just don’t have to spare, I’m offering to do it for you!

The winner of the giveaway will win a pair of red bedazzled killer heels like these pretty babies below.


If you want to win your own pair of sparkly red heels, all you have to do is comment your shoe size below to be entered into the draw. International shoe sizing charts can differ, making it hard for me to ensure sizing accuracy, so to make sure I create a pair for you in the right fit please be sure to leave your shoe size in TWO of the international sizes, stating any two of either US, UK or EUR shoe sizes.

Not sure of your size? Grab a pair of your best fitting heels and check the size label inside or on the outer sole. Most shoes will list at least two sizes (US+ EUR or UK+EUR typically) so comment the two sizes you find on your shoe  and I’ll make sure to whip you up a pair that fit your precious little feeties.

A qualifying giveaway comment might be, therefore, UK 7 EUR 41. As simple as that!

The giveaway is open internationally and I ask that if you enter you understand I need 3 weeks to bedazzle and dispatch your heels after you win. Please also note that these platform heels are 5.5inches tall.

The giveaway runs from today Tuesday 7th July until Tuesday 14th July at midnight GMT. A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday 15th July, so check back then.

That’s it! What’re you waiting for? Get commenting.

75 thoughts on “1 Year Blogiversary Retrospective & Giveaway

  1. Omigosh! Happy blogiversary (which my silly tablet keeps correcting to “blog adversary”). As far as those dazzling heels go, I’m US 9, UK 7. 🙂


  2. Congrats on the blogiversary hopefully more years to come 🙂

    Im entering this for my gf and i think it would be an amazing thing to surprise her she would love it 🙂 and put a big smile on her face that would melt my heart:)

    thanks for the opportunity to enter 🙂

    shoe size is EURO 38 – US 7.5


  3. UK 8/EUR 42 please!

    If by some obscure and fantastic chance that I win, would it be possible to request a wide fit shoe as well?

    Love the blog and all that you do! Happy blogiversary! X


  4. Happy blogiversary, I hope there are many to come! Have eyed those bedazzled babies for ages, they’re truly gorgeous. Shoe size: UK 6,5/ EUR 40! xx


  5. Amazing work, gorgeous clothe and so cool your doing this giveaway!

    I’m a uk 7
    EUR 40
    Thank you so much and super happy blogaversary! Xxx


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