I Capri-ciate Good Pants [Hell Bunny Tina Trousers]

I own only wear two pairs of trousers/pants in my pinup wardrobe. In my daily life I have to wear jeans for work, so when I’m slipping into all things vintage I opt for anything beskirted 99.5% of the time. I have a great pair of high waisted tropical pants from PUG, and one pair of very comfy but not high waisted black cropped jeans from Asda, but that’s it. Until recently those sufficed for me, particularly since anytime I came across a pair of high waisted Capri pants they seemed to cost £50 and above–a reasonable price for a pair of great fitting pants you’ll get a lot of wear out of and will last you well, but since, as stated, I’m not a pants wearer, it’s never seemed worth the investment for me.

I didn’t realise until perhaps two weeks ago that Hell Bunny make a pair of high waisted capri pants. I was immediately curious. For £20 or roundabouts, I could be down for getting a pair of budget-friendly capris for more casual affairs or perhaps occasions when skirts merely aren’t practical–such as my recent family fun day of birthday bowling.

Hell Bunny Capri Pants Trousers High WaistedHell Bunny Capri Pants Trousers High WaistedHell Bunny Capri Pants Trousers High WaistedHell Bunny Capri Pants Trousers High WaistedHell Bunny Capri Pants Trousers High WaistedPants: Hell Bunny Tina Capri Trousers in red
Top: Hell Bunny Dolly top in Black stripes
Wedges: Black Espadrille Wedges by F&F at Tesco

Hell Bunny notoriously size large, so typically I wear their size L (UK 14) and have some room to spare. With my recent weight gain that room to spare has evaporated and my L Hell Bunny dresses fit me true now, although the Dolly top I’m wearing for this outfit is an L and is made of a stretchy material so it’s a bit loose on me and isn’t skintight. All that gave me pause when deciding which size to order in the capri pants. Would they run large? If so, a 14 might still do me. But if they were true to size they probably wouldn’t, as I hold a lot of my weight in my thighs, butt and stomach–all areas that would have to fit into the pants in order for them to, you know, fit, unlike a swing dress where everything below the waist is not applicable.

It took me a while to even find a size chart for these pants so I’ve included the one I found below. The chart said L covered 32-34 waist and 38-40 hips, and with a very recent measurement taking session alarming me with the truth that I am now 33 of waist and 44 of hips, I decided to size up into the XL to be safe on the hips front. It was a good choice. Since these pants are made from stretch bengaline they do feel a bit loose around my stomach and butt after a few hours of intensive wear (read as: a huge chinese takeaway followed by 2.5 hours of bowling,) but the lower portion of the leg below the knee is very well fitted so I think sizing down would have made the lower portion impossibly tight and the top half unflattering or uncomfortable even if they had fit.

Tina Capri Pants Hell Bunny Size Chart

The bengaline doesn’t disguise my visible belly outline, as I believe ladies are nowdays calling it, so I have to wear some supportive underwear or a peplum shirt to counteract that, but to be honest as I’m not that comfortable with showing my lower stomach in pants I would probably opt for either of those options anyway. They fit well in the waist, which is 11 inches smaller than my hips at their widest point, so for a similar ratio of hips to waist you should find these will accommodate you, curvy ladies. They close with a back zipper.

I got my pair for £19.99 new on eBay and for £20 or so, these are a decent option. I doubt they’ll outlast similar pieces offered by other pinup brands at a more expensive mark up, as I’m sure said brands are using superior quality bengaline and offer superior fit, but I’m happy to now have these in my pinup casual arsenal, especially since I dared myself to get them in red rather than shyly opting for ever-slimming black.

Hell Bunny only sell wholesale and don’t have their own website shoppable by the general public, so you’ll have to check your local Hell Bunny stockists, check eBay or search out a pair online if you’d like to buy your own pair.

And I leave you now with yet another cameo from my cat, who came to find me where I was quickly taking these pictures in the field behind our house.

Tina Capri Pants Trousers Hell Bunny



5 thoughts on “I Capri-ciate Good Pants [Hell Bunny Tina Trousers]

  1. You look great in them and they look like true high waist pants…I was hopeful till I read the size chart…I am an x small in my waist as I have a 26.5 inch waist, but to fit my 38.5/39…sometimes 40 hips, I would take the large. s often…I’m always happens with me and pants I would have a huge gap…I already cinch my jeans beyond tight. I have tried getting alterations, but then never can get them over my hips after. I find myself buying more and more skirts for that reason😒


  2. Oh you look fantastic! And its good to know that the Hell Bunny capris at least have a good allowance for more extreme waist-to-hips ratios (mine is 15″ when not pregnant). Also… I am usually about your measurements normally (I measure 30 waist and 44 hip), and that post you wrote about how you thought OTHER women who had your shape looked great, but always attacked yourself… that’s definitely going through my mind right now. Because I think you look absolutely gorgeous, but when I see myself in things like this I start to pick it apart. I will be seeing myself in a different light whenever I can wear any sort of jeans or capris again (too pregnant right now!)

    All that to say… you are gorgeous, and I’m glad you posted these pictures, because it’s making me realize that, like you, I tend to judge myself and my shape only when it relates to ME, and not when there are other women who have the same shape/measurements!


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