Classic Cassandra [Chi Chi Clothing]

It’s time for another pretty dress from Chi Chi Clothing! Last weekend I attended the wedding of a dear friend in America, flying over from England to attend after a year’s wait for the happy event. That year long of knowing I would be coming meant I was constantly on the look out for what dress I would wear on the big day. I changed my mind several times, of course, but after I discovered Chi Chi Clothing a couple months back I just sort of knew at the back of my mind I would end up choosing something Chi Chi in the end. I even ordered a dress custom made by another company and was excited to wear that for the wedding, and yet as soon as I saw the Cassandra dress a couple weeks later I knew I had found the winning dress.

With a full pleated skirt that features netting and requires no petticoat, thin spaghetti straps, and a high neckline that is modest but still displays some collarbone delicacy, I fell for the simplicity and understated glamour of this dress.

I wanted to be glamorous and vintage for the wedding, but didn’t want to be too bold or step on any toes, my usual aim for being a pinup at someone else’s wedding, so I decided to pair this with a large faux fur white stole to keep with the glamorous feel and provide a little warmth. I added clear crystal bracelets and a crystal brooch for some pops of glitter, and, because it’s me, I chose my red bedazzled heels and matching bedazzled box clutch.

Chi Chi Clothing London Cassandra dress Chi Chi Clothing London Cassandra dress Chi Chi Clothing London Cassandra dress Chi Chi Clothing London Cassandra dress Chi Chi Clothing London Cassandra dress Chi Chi Clothing London Cassandra dress Chi Chi Clothing London Cassandra dress Chi Chi Clothing London Cassandra dress

This dress is not boned but it’s not a stretchy fabric so it’s best to follow the size chart–I think there’s a little give in the dress when on, but the size chart is exactly accurate to the flat measurements I took of the size 16 I ordered, so I would suggest you follow it. The bust is slightly padded, so you don’t need to wear a bra if you don’t want to, but it’s not a low back or backless dress so there’s no visual need to skip the bra. It closes with a back zipper and I find it really comfortable and flattering. In fact, I meant to save it’s first wear for the wedding, but I couldn’t help giving it a spin to go for dinner with friends the week I got it because it was so gorgeous.

The Cassandra dress is available in UK sizes 6-16 and costs £64.99 with free international shipping available direct from Chi Chi Clothing. It also comes in a subtle lilac colour but that colourway is renamed the Kia dress.

How to Sew a Circle Skirt [Guest Blogger Louise of TheLittleThingsInLife]

I’m a pathetic sewer who has always meant to learn what to do properly, so I’m thrilled today to bring you a guest blog from Louise of who’s going to walk you through the steps to making your own circle skirts.

Circle skirts always seem to add a touch of class. They are undoubtedly one of the most effective pieces of clothing and they are pretty easy to make as well. Moving on to the pattern, it will require a little bit of maths but nothing too scary!

Circumference = the entire distance around a circle (in this case, your waist length, plus 2 inches)

Radius = the distance from the centre of the circle to the outside of the circle
pi = 3.14 (approximately)

Here are the steps

1.Measure your waist. Once you have your waist measurement add two inches to that number. This will give you an extra two inches so that there’s “give” and it will actually “stretch” when it’s sewn onto the elastic.  

2. Decide how long you want your skirt to be. Add an extra inch for the hem and the top seam (near the elastic). It’s always best to make it slightly longer than you think, so you have room for error. Fold your fabric in half, and along the folded edge, cut a large half-donut shape, as shown. Measure the inner half circle (waist) by finding your waist radius using the following equation: waist measurement / 3.14 / 2 = radius

circle skirt 2

3. Waistband – you will need your waist measurement for this with the extra 2 inches. Measure and cut out of the fabric (see photo) Once you have this 1½ inches piece of fabric cut out you can start sewing it together leave one side unsewn this is where you will be threading your elastic through. I attached a safety pin to the end of my elastic and threaded it through the piece of fabric.

circle Skirt 3

4. Now you have made the waistband you can attach it to the circle skirt. I normally use a zig zag edge.

circle 45. Hem the bottom of the skirt. I like to use webbing and iron flat the hem before securing it with sewing.

circle 5