Twirling in Tulle

lam.uk8 eBay seller tulle petticoat skirt

I’ve wanted a tulle skirt for a long time. It’s easy to get a super cheap one on eBay for £10 or less delivered to England from China or Hong Kong, but despite the perfectly puffy volume evident in the seller photos for such pieces, whenever I’ve bought one the real life item has always been decidedly limper and less fluffy in person. They’re two or three layers of soft tulle that can’t hold one another up or out, and they just don’t create the fairy princess ballerina shape of tulle joy that I imagine when I get the urge to track down a skirt that will work for me.


I’ve seen pieces from Space46boutique and other online brands that look promising, but I tend to find they often don’t run into plus sizes, which means not only is it hard for me to track down skirts that will fit me but that also leaves me distrustful of whether the few that do go up to my size will actually be comfortable to wear. I tend to suspect I would end up squeezed in to a skirt whose elastic just barely stretches to encompass my girth and thus punishes me with pinches all day as a result.

So I was pretty damn pleased to find eBay tulle skirt maker and seller TotallyTulle the other week. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across the eBay store, but once I had I knew I had found what I was looking for. Quality tulle skirts that sported great volume, an array of classic colours, and all available up to a 35inch waist.

I posted on Instagram asking for help narrowing down which colour to get, as they are all gorgeous but 4 in particular were my shared first choice. People lost their mind over the skirts, so I knew I had to review mine once I received it. So here we are. Let’s get puffy!

lam.uk8 eBay seller tulle petticoat skirtlam.uk8 eBay seller tulle petticoat skirtlam.uk8 eBay seller tulle petticoat skirt lam.uk8 eBay seller tulle petticoat skirtlam.uk8 eBay seller tulle petticoat skirtSkirt: Ivory Tulle skirt from eBay seller TotallyTulle
Top: Sophia gingham top from Collectif
Ballet Flats: Primark

This skirt is exactly what I’ve been looking for for well over a year. It’s perfect! Fully lined beneath only two layers of tulle, the bottom tulle layer is stiff to create the volume and support below the top layer of soft tulle, which is gentle to touch and gives that lovely, fairy princess swish and look that really makes the skirt special, lush. It’s 27 inches long, the perfect retro length.

I ordered the skirt in XL, which is for 33-35 inch waists and a UK 16. I think I could have sized down into an L, but I really didn’t want the elastic to be tight and punishing on me so I went with the bigger size to be safe and it’s fine. It stays in place where I want it to but it’s also loose enough that it isn’t tight or hard to get on or off.

The skirt costs £35.50, with £5 delivery. My skirt was made and sent by tracked courier within a couple days, and arrived to my doorstep within 4 days, a much quicker delivery than had I ordered one of the skirts from an American online boutique as I had planned to do before making this greater discovery.

It’s such a good quality piece it can just as easily be worn during the day casually with ballet flats and a t-shirt as it can be dressed up for wear of an evening. They even offer a couple different skirts with different black lace overlays, which are stunning, and absolutely perfect evening wear. I’m tempted now to buy the black and ivory skirt, and I have intense wishes that they might make a rich berry red in future.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect tulle skirt for a while then I would definitely recommend these skirts. Now go forth and be puffy!

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