Sporting Cornfields [Chicwish Skirts]

I think I’ve been pretty late to the game in discovering Chicwish. I only stumbled across them on Instagram a few weeks ago, but once I had I recognised several of their midi skirts as skirts I have seen on–and then coveted–several ladies online. The pricing is really budget friendly for a retro-style midi skirt, so I decided to order one to see what they were like.

Choosing just one skirt, first of all, was really hard because there were just so many prints I loved. I’m not a massive novelty print person but I do like bold prints in general, so their wide range of patterns, florals, cityscape skylines and nature prints really appeal to me. After narrowing it down, I had to decide on sizing. The sizing is asian, so checking the size chart is super important in general but even more so on a piece by piece basis as the general size chart can conflict with the charts on the individual product page, depending upon style and fabric used for the piece. I erred on the side of caution by sizing generously rather than sizing down and following the chart for the particular skirt I wanted, the Golden Wheat Field Pleated Midi. I opted for an XXL which was listed for 33 inch waists, my measurement. I hoped it wouldn’t end up too small, as reviews on the site seemed to vary between stating the items were true to size or way too small.

Chic Wish Golden Wheat Field Midi Corn SkirtChic Wish Golden Wheat Field Midi Corn SkirtChic Wish Golden Wheat Field Midi Corn SkirtChic Wish Golden Wheat Field Midi Corn SkirtChic Wish Golden Wheat Field Midi Corn Skirt

When it arrived, $42.90 and 9 days later, I was pleasantly surprised. The skirt fit well and the quality was better than I expected for a cheaper piece. I don’t hold the same expectations for it to last solidly like I do with my Pinup Girl Clothing pieces as the quality is just not on that level, but it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart in a couple wears or a wash like pieces from Forever 21 or Primark can. I think it will make for a great middleground piece that I add to the casual side of my wardrobe for days when I can’t afford to be so precious about protecting my clothes or for a more comfortable fit than zipping into a tight boned dress. Plus, it has pockets!

Overall, I’m happy with the piece and I’ll probably buy more. Question is, which next?

2 thoughts on “Sporting Cornfields [Chicwish Skirts]

  1. I can’t wait until my waist measurement is small enough to buy some of these! I love the florals and the cityscapes, in particular.
    Oh, and congratulations on your feature in the most recent Vintage Life magazine! I found it a great read 🙂


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