The Perfect Cropped Cardigan

Cropped Cardigans retro vintage pinup

Cardigans from MAK, New Look, and MAK

Cardigans are a wardrobe staple in this day and age, but for a pinup it can be hard to find a cardigan that hits the waist at the right point. With swing skirts and dresses in particular, you don’t want a cardigan that swallows your waist and falls too long, masking part of your skirt and ruining the clean, crisp lines of your carefully selected outfit. That’s why a cropped cardigan in particular is the real staple for your average pinup, but finding them can be difficult. Continue reading

Jenny January 2016

The start of 2016 meant it was time for our second annual #JennyJanuary, a style challenge event I began last year in which I asked my fellow Pinup Girl Clothing fans to wear any Jenny skirts or dresses they owned during the week of January 18th-24th and to share their outfits on social media using the hashtag #JennyJanuary. The aim is for lovers of these pieces to interact with each other online in order to share stories about their Jennies, the life events they have lived in them, and to provide each other with style inspiration for new ways to style and wear their Jennies.

Last year the event was a huge success, with other 300 entries and ladies all over the world taking part. (You can read up on it here.) This year, it was lovely to see women waiting excitedly for #JennyJanuary to start, sharing the preparations they were making in planning out their outfits for this year’s event. Continue reading

Fur Trimmed & Fabulous: Part II [Collectif Deana]

A couple months back I reviewed the Andrea skirt from Collectif, a faux fur trimmed pencil skirt that was designed to be a part of a skirt suit set alongside the Deana jacket. I loved the Andrea skirt and badly wanted the Deana to wear with her, but I didn’t have the money to spend the £110 to complete the suit. Knowing Collectif run a 50% off sale after Christmas each year, I hoped ardently that the Deana would be in stock at the time so I could make her mine. My hopes were dashed when she went out of stock long before the sale was even rumoured to start, so I bought a couple of other items in the sale instead and inwardly moped about the perfect suit set that was never to be, because I am way too emotionally invested in my closet.

But then, it happened! At 7.05am of the last morning on the sale, when there were just under 2.5hours left of the sale, I received an email saying the Deana had been restocked. I ordered that baby so fast my Paypal could barely keep up! Days later, when the new up to 75% off sale begun, the Deana was included in that as well at the same half off price of £55. So just in case there are any of you ladies out there who have shared my yearning for this jacket but have some qualms with parting with your money, I decided it was time for a review to help you decide whether or not to buy.


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Sweet Swingin’ [PUG Erin]

The Erin dress by PUG has been a wiggle dress staple offered by the company for a long time now. Available in many colours, it’s made of stretch bengaline and features a wrap-over bust detail. Recently redesigned, it’s now available in extra colours as well as two more cuts, one a wiggle with sleeves and the other a three-quarter sleeved swing dress.

I hardly wear wiggles, so while I loved the wiggle version with the capped sleeves I knew it would be an unnecessary addition to my wardrobe. The swing, though, tempted me. Yet I had pause. I love a full swing skirt, requiring a full circle skirt or then some, and very rarely do skirts with less than a full circle feel right on me. This skirt looked like it wouldn’t hold the petticoat I require and that it might cling to my fabulous love handles, so I overlooked it for several weeks.

Once it was released and customers began buying it up, I started seeing pictures of ladies looking fabulous in it splashed across my social media. Eventually I decided to give it a try.

Pinup Girl Clothing Couture Erin Dress Black Continue reading

Photoshoot Outtakes & Bloopers [Round 2]

Oh yeah, this was exactly the look I was going for

I’ve been meaning to do a second bloopers/outtakes/behind the scenes post for, oh, 9 months or so. Taking the time to gather the bloopers from dozens of different folders on my computer and searching through thousands of pictures just kept getting bumped lower and lower on my blog to do list as other post ideas took up time and room. Continue reading

Colorpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lips

I am obsessed.

I love to wear long-lasting liquid lipsticks, so when I took my recent trip to America I expected to pick up a liquid lipstick from almost every brand that offers them, knowing that many don’t ship to the UK or only do so at the extortionate shipping costs of $30+ even for one lipstick. A few weeks before I was due to fly out I saw ColourPop post pictures of their newest shades of UItra Matte liquid lipsticks on Instagram. ‘More Better’ was a pretty, wearable rich berry shade it’s not easy to find in a liquid lipstick, and at $5.99 a pop I figured it was worth ordering a few other shades to try along with More Better. With free shipping over $30, I went ahead and ordered 5 shades outright. I figured that was only $10 more to order those 5 than it cost to buy a single tube at the $20 a pop that a lot of the stateside cosmetic companies charge. As it turns out, I had just purchased a handful of my new favourites.

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#MissAmyMayInTheUSA: Things I Learned In America 

I’ve been so busy since I got back from America that I still haven’t managed to compile a blog post about the trip as a whole, only managing so far a style diary post and a shopping haul post, if you’re interested in either of those. The full low down post is coming, on my to do list for this month, finally, but in the meantime I thought I’d do something different and write a list post of all the things, funny, interesting or surprising, that I learned about America while I was there. Many of them are very specific to the fact that I stayed in Dallas, Texas for a large portion of my trip, but overall I think they’re just silly little things that your average Brit with not much experience in America might notice about our stateside friends and their country. There’s some comedic swearing and a touch of hyperbole, so go forth in good spirits and maybe leave your cuss-averse mother behind for this one.

  • The typical packaged sliced bread you buy in the supermarket to make your sandwiches is slightly sweet in America. Because apparently America is a hell hole and thinks your tuna sandwich needs a slightly sugary kick. Mmm, sweet and fishy. My fave.
  • Wasps exist there that are red and they are huge. Like, over an inch long. Why!!
  • Even British cosmetics are cheaper in Walmart than in the UK.
  • The only things more expensive in America than in England are the food stuffs imported from England.
  • Don’t expect small portions anywhere ever, ever.
  • All roads are basically the size of a motorway.
  • And there are strip malls by practically every road.
  • And within those strip malls they advertise practices like dentists and lawyers with the same capitalised and/or lit-up signage as the nail salons and donut shops they sit beside. It definitely, definitely makes you take them seriously as professionals.
  • There’s so much space. Seriously, everything is so far apart. England is such a tiny speck in comparison.
  • They ‘ma’am’ the fuck out of you. #couldyounot #imveryyoungandcute
  • The houses all vary wildly in style and design, even right beside one another.
  • There are restaurants where the floors are littered with crushed peanut casings and that’s apparently not a health and safety or hygiene code violation?
  • Everything is fried or covered in butter, including any vegetables a restaurant might deign to serve.
  • Even every vegetable is fried or in a sauce, as far as I can tell.
  • The salad also comes drenched in dressing unless you ask otherwise, because MURIKA.
  • Biscuits are just fluffier, buttery plain scones.
  • If they can put syrup on it, they will.
  • And butter. In the south, they love butter almost more than they love guns.
  • In fact, they love it so much they have begun flavouring it and finding new ways to serve it.
  • Apple butter also exists, and isn’t actually butter. Which is probably why it’s good.
  • But admittedly the cinnamon butter is also pretty good on a biscuit, so 1 point to you about the butter thing, America.
  • Southern (white) gravy exists and is great. Especially on breakfast foods, which sounds weird, but just trust me on this. It’s a slightly peppery, white sauce kind of gravy, and I approve.
  • Their Poptarts and Oreo selections are great but their chocolate and candy are terrible. I mean TERRIBLE. Any sweets that are any good at all have already been imported into British stores (see: Skittles, Starbursts, etc) so you’re not missing out on anything.
  • They don’t really do duvets inside the duvet covers, they just have the duvets sandwiched between sheets and blankets. It’s a bit unnecessary and really faffy, making it super easy to lose half of your bedding to the floor during the night. Or possibly get entangled and begin dreaming the monster under your bed has finally got you and your life is over if you don’t win this one much-anticipated, terrifying struggle.
  • Not that that happened to me or anything.
  • Walmart is fucking massive.
  • Like seriously. I know I’m almost 30 but I could easily have got lost in there like a small child. If I were an American parent I would for sure leash my child.
  • They’re not as good at queueing at the British are. #reigningchampions
  • They really fucking love guns. They don’t understand how British police are unarmed.
  • They also don’t understand the correlation between their gun laws and their mass killings though. Shocker.
  • But the ones who aren’t gun-toting mass murders are very polite.
  • It’s acceptable for your waiter to say ‘God bless your food’ at IHOP after serving you. ?!?!?!
  • (Do you think they might have charged us extra for that unwanted serving of religion with my pancakes?)
  • I will never find it not weird that you drive on the other side of the road. It makes me uncomfortable even as a passenger.
  • Don’t walk on the grass in Texas barefoot ever, or at night. Just avoid nature. #allthekillerthings
  • They have really good cows though. I would have liked to take a longhorn or three home.
  • Speaking of:
  • longhorn
  • Okay, carrying on.
  • Many southern accents like to give words extra syllables by taking so long to pronounce them. You may thing ‘oil’ is a very short single syllable word, but apparently you are wrong. Oyyyyuuuul.
  • Bad fries are still good fries but bad corndogs are not worth it.
  • Their breakfast pancake stacks are deceptively filling and near impossible to finish.
  • Texans will claim it’s too cold for the nasty critters but they’ll warn you about them possibly getting you as soon as you get there so you shouldn’t believe them and practise CONSTANT VIGILANCE.
  • Everything native to Texas can kill you. #snakepit #whydoyouevenlivehereTexans
  • The zoos are cheaper than UK zoos. $12 for an adult entry?! EVERYONE WE’RE ALL GOING TO THE ZOO.
  • Nowhere is as cheap as Primark. Not even H&M and Forever 21.
  • No one seems to eat dessert because they just ate a huge hunk of grease-meat with a side of carbs.
  • Taco Bell is the food equivalent of the person you bootycall at 1am but refuse to bring home to your Mumma. It feels good at the time but you know it’s bad for you and you don’t want anyone to see you with it.
  • There’s 1-10 fast food restaurants every quarter mile along every single road.
  • They hate spelling things properly if it will take them an extra 2 seconds to include all the letters. Hey Donuts @ The Drive Thru!
  • They either get very excited about your Britishness or they don’t notice it at all.
  • You can order something in the mail that takes as long to arrive domestically as it does to arrive in England from America ordered from the same company.
  • Mosquitos are motherfuckers.
  • They really hate clear signage. They prefer you guess where things are. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about an airport, a museum, shopping mall, or a freeway, if you look around reasonably expecting to find a sign to point you towards the toilets, exit, food court, etc, it will be much harder to find than you expect.
  • Hope you like Starbucks because they’re everywhere.
  • They’re really different from the Brits but also not really.
  • Except when it comes to the guns, religion and butter situation.
  • Otherwise it’s all just accents and weather differences.

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Ain’t Nothin’ But Some Houndstooth [Pinup Girl Clothing]

I don’t wear a lot of pants. I don’t find them as comfortable physically as skirts or dresses, nor as comfortable in terms of body confidence. However, since I’m trying to work on the latter I’ve been making more of an effort in the last few months to try different items of clothing I normally would steer clear from, with trousers especially, since winter is just a sensible time to be embracing them.

Most of the Autumn/Winter 15 offerings from Pinup Girl Clothing have been more along the lines of event wear, but the Houndstooth cigarette pants immediately caught my eye, even though, at first, I had no intention of actually trying them. As time wore on, I found myself wondering about them more. Maybe I would pick up a pair. The pattern might be somewhat disguising for my bumps and curves, I guessed, and they’re a better length than rocking capri pants in winter. The sizing information available, though, gave me massive pause. They size small, I heard, from multiple people and the size chart said they ran small. Laura Byrnes, PUG’s founder and head designer, confirmed it for me; they came in smaller than expected, size up. But no, I personally found they’re more forgiving than their past Cigarette Pants, someone else told me. What’s a girl to believe?!

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Friday, I’m In Love! 

It’s now past the time of Boxing Day and New Year sales. I’ve spent my Christmas bonus and Christmas money, have treated myself to plenty in those sales, and now it’s time to pull in the purse strings. Saying that, though, doesn’t make it easy though: all the pretty things don’t just stop existing merely because I can’t afford to buy them. So to get out all of that lust and appreciation for the sparkly twinkles I was not able to buy, I thought I’d do a fun (read as: wistful, sighing) little lust list post. Let’s hold hands and look at the lovelies together while we gleefully ignore our January bills lurking in our mail piles.

Red Ascot dress by The Pretty Dress Company

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Idda Love To Wear That Dress [Miss Candyfloss & Idda Van Munster]

The first time I saw the below picture of Idda Van Munster I got that keenly envious, inspired, awed feeling I get when I see an example of vintage perfection.


Idda Van Munster

I presumed the dress Idda is wearing was true vintage, not only because it looked so authentic but because Idda is a diddy little slip of a thing compared to I, and everytime I see a slim woman in an authentically vintage looking item of clothing that I immediately love it’s always vintage–and consequently out of the realm of acquirement and possibility for myself and my 33 inch waist. Hence why the reaction I get to seeing such pictures is a sharp inspired envy, because they are things I cannot have. Continue reading