Friday, I’m In Love! 

It’s now past the time of Boxing Day and New Year sales. I’ve spent my Christmas bonus and Christmas money, have treated myself to plenty in those sales, and now it’s time to pull in the purse strings. Saying that, though, doesn’t make it easy though: all the pretty things don’t just stop existing merely because I can’t afford to buy them. So to get out all of that lust and appreciation for the sparkly twinkles I was not able to buy, I thought I’d do a fun (read as: wistful, sighing) little lust list post. Let’s hold hands and look at the lovelies together while we gleefully ignore our January bills lurking in our mail piles.

Red Ascot dress by The Pretty Dress Company


Embroidered Rose Fatale Prom dress by The Pretty Dress Company


Red Jessica bag by Collectif


Paige dress by Voodoo Vixen


Fox Print Paris dress by Bernie Dexter


Black Mule Heels Exclusive to Pinup Girl Clothing

There, do you feel better now? Yeah, me either. How’re you holding up in the January slump? Did you get lots of pretties in the festive sales, are there still things you deserpately want that are eluding you?

5 thoughts on “Friday, I’m In Love! 

  1. Ooh! I love the two dresses you picked from The Pretty Dress Company! And the halter from Unique Vintage

    I did a little damage of my own: bright blue Heidi from Retroglam (sale item plus discount and conversion came out to $50 USD shipped!), 2 Lindy Bop dresses from their sale and 4 pairs of sale TUK shoes from ModCloth because they were less than $20 a pair lol. I don’t feel particularly bad because I had set aside money but I didn’t buy anything for myself from the Black Friday sales.


  2. Ugh, why why why why WHY did I put myself on a 6 month clothing ban! This is torture!!! But I was out of control, so I had to do everything in my power to not buy that Eva Marie dress from Unique Vintage. Le sigh.


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