Work That Brow [Le Keux Secret Weapon]


Le Keux is a British vintage inspired hair and beauty company that has their own cosmetics line and two salons (in Leeds and Birmingham) where they offer all manner of hair styling and makeup services, for brides and hen parties, primping for a special events, ladies looking for a fun makeover shoot package, and also princess party packages. I recently spent a day with them in their Leeds salon modelling for their latest bridal and hen party package campaigns with a selection of downright lovely girls who were all a joy to meet (oh heeeey girls!) It was my first chance to see their Le Keux cosmetics product range up close and in action and I was excited to come home with their Secret Weapon Brown Eye Liner & Brow Paint.

The interesting thing about modelling jobs is the way different makeup artists do your makeup differently to how you’re used to doing it yourself. I was super curious about the brow paint as Diablo Rose, who is an absolute doll and just as gorgeous as you would expect her to be in real life, had used it to craft a very pigmented set of brows for me compared to the more natural brow I tend to fill in on myself. Looking at the product itself, though, I had a feeling the brow paint wasn’t necessarily intense as a rule, like pomade can be, so I was eager to play around with it and get a closer look at the formula myself.


Once home, opening the brow paint I could tell just from looking at it that it would have a slightly waxy, medium pigmentation, not a dense, strong pigmentation like you find in brow pomades. A swatch test comparing it to my other favourite brow products showed my assumption to be true–it’s a medium pigmentation product, more pigmented than a swatch of brow powder but not as heavy as pomade.

L to R: Le Keux Brow Paint, Freedom Brow Duo Powder in Auburn, Freedom Pomade in auburn,

L to R: Le Keux Brow Paint, Freedom Brow Powder Duo in ‘Auburn’, Freedom Pomade in ‘Auburn’, Makeup Revolution Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in ‘Medium’

Secret Weapon brow paint only comes in one shade, a medium rich brown, so unfortunately not everyone will find this product is for them, but comparing it to the above swatches should give you a decent idea of exactly what shade of brown we’re talking about. As mentioned before, it can be built up in layers for a more dramatic, defined brow, as Diablo painted on me for the shoot, but below I’ve taken a series of photos to show you the brow paint in action as I used it for a light, natural brow look.


L: My natural brows after foundation applied R: The left brow left bare against the left brow with 1 layer of Le Keux Secret Weapon Brow Paint applied


Both brows with a layer of Le Keux Secret Weapon Brow Paint applied

I applied the product lightly with an angled liner brush and found it lasted all day without smudging or wearing off, even without setting it with powder. It’s very easy to build up in layers, whether or not you set it between layers with transulcent or coloured brow powder. As a brow product, it’s become one of my new favourites.  It’s worth noting that not only does it perform well but also that the packaging is goddamn adorable, coming as it does in a little angular blue plastic pot reminiscent of cut glass vintage cosmetics pots. I’ll happily be keeping my pots of this )and the Every Cream I picked up too) when I’m finished with them to keep little loose trinkets or fixings in.

I think this product would work well for ladies new to filling in their brows who struggle with high pigmentation products and fear over-applying. Plus, you can build up the product as you get more confident with your application skills if you feel you do want to try for a stronger brow.

As the name implies, this product isn’t just a brow paint but also an eye liner. I’ve only tried it as a liner once, since I’m strictly a solid matte black liquid liner gal, but I wanted to see how it would fair as liner considering the medium pigmentation made me suspicious of how it would work in this capacity. I applied it the same way I would a gel liner, with an angled brush over my usual basis of eye primer, MAC Paint pot, and matte eyeshadows. Layering it up to get denser pigmentation, it still never reached the full pigmentation I prefer in my eye liner, even for a brown rather than a black, but for ladies who like a softer liner look this would be a good product for them. I had a feeling it might not last well as an eyeliner, I’m not sure why, but several hours later it hadn’t smudged out of place or transferred onto my lids, so my limited experiment does show it works in this second capacity if you like to have soft brown liner. I think it’s strong point, though, is definitely in being a brow paint.

The Secret Weapon Brown Eye Liner & Brow Paint is paraben free, cruelty free, made in the UK and costs £12.95. It’s available direct from Le Keux, who ship internationally.


4 thoughts on “Work That Brow [Le Keux Secret Weapon]

  1. Cool! This makes me want to try it based on your review.
    I tend to shy away from cosmetics for the fear of it looking unnatural and too bold.


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