Retro In Bed [Glamour Bunny Nighties]

There were a lot of ways that the eras of the past were more glamorous than our modern world. People dressed up for dinner. The women set their hair and painted on their best faces for even days spent at home. Men wore pocket watches and cufflinks and all manner of dapper details that trump today’s Niké trainers and iWatches. And come bedtime, the women didn’t don their favourite novelty print pyjamas trousers and an oversized t-shirt, but instead nightie and robe sets, frills and lace and ribbons abound.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all about the novelty pj pants. If I’m not dolled up in one my favourite swing dresses I am most likely in yoga pants or a pair of polka dot bed trousers. I own many hoodies and a plethora of t-shirts, a large portion of which are Harry Potter themed. There’s nothing comfier for lounging in, there just isn’t. That being said, you don’t always want to look as comfortable as you feel. Sometimes you want to look glamorous and stylish and feminine even when you are comfortable. Which brings us back to those bed sets of times gone by.

I’ve been meaning to buy a nightie set for well over a year now but just never got around to it. I knew Glamour Bunny offered a small selection of bed sets and they shot to the top of my wishlist for my ‘If I ever get the chance to do a retro bedroom scene shoot, I’m getting one of these’ daydream. The dream photoshoot didn’t present itself, but the Glamour Bunny nightie sets went on sale, so, you know. What did you expect me to do?

GBnightie1 GBnightie5 GBnightie2 gbnightie4GBnightie6
GBnightie7gbnightie3 The sets are sized only by bust as the rest of the nightie and robe are free flowing and loose. I ordered the size Large, which is stated for 38 inch bust, but my 40 inch bust fits fine. Since the nightie and robe both are loose it’s comfortable and easy to wear, both around the house and in bed. There’s no bunching, digging in, riding up or rubbing. The red is gorgeously vibrant and the ruffles are adorable. The jacket does help keep you a bit warmer as you toddle about the house, but this set isn’t something that will keep you super toasty in winter if you go to bed alone and/or are someone who struggles to sleep if you’re even the tiniest bit cold. Outside of the depths of winter though, and when you’re not sleeping alone, it’s the perfect little treat for feeling vintage and ladylike.

At full price this nightie and robe set was £48, but I snagged mine for £33; it went on sale for £36 and Glamour Bunny offer a 10% off loyalty discount to returning customers with code GBLOYALTY10.

The Fifi robe and nightie sets are currently sold out in black and red, but I suspect a pale blue will be coming in their SS16 release as pictures on the Glamour Bunny Instagram show a blue set being modelled by pinup babe Diablo Rose in the past couple months. If you can’t wait to see if that set will indeed be soon coming to fruition, Glamour Bunny currently offer another set, the Lulu retro nightie set, in pale yellow and pink, a set trimmed with pale lace rather than abundant ruffles.

Photo property of Frankie & Gerry’s Retro Studio


1 thought on “Retro In Bed [Glamour Bunny Nighties]

  1. I’m finally getting back to my block reading (and hopefully writing) and this was my first blog to read….damn lady – you look AMAZING and now I must have one of these sets :p


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