Friday, I’m In Love!

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to lust over pretty things. That’s normal, right? You all know that slogan, surely? ‘Thank god it’s Friday, the day of commercial coveting.’ Yeah, exactly, knew you’d remember once I jogged your memory. Plus, as it happens it’s less than a month until my birthday, the dreaded big 3-0, so this lust list also happens to be a list of items I’ve been sorely tempted to add to my birthday wishlist.

Emily and Fin 


Emily and Fin Bed of Roses Florence skirt & Florence dress

This Bed of Roses print reminds me of true vintage prints, which isn’t necessarily as common as you’d expect among repro companies. It’s particularly funny since Emily and Fin aren’t strictly a vintage inspired brand, but only channel some vintage elements in their designs. I’ve never tried any of their pieces before and I’m not overly familiar with their line, but this print really tempts me to pick up my first E&F piece.



Assorted Splendette Woven Bamboo Bangles

I only bought my first Splendette pieces a couple months ago but already it’s becoming a bit of an addiction. Their new SS offerings include a line of brightly coloured carved fakelite bangles (of which I have already purchased a few leaf green and chartreuse pieces,) some new colours of their glitter bangles, and, as pictured above, a new range of duo coloured bamboo bangles. I’m a huge bamboo lover, so these mixed woven bamboo pieces are bound to end up on my wrist before long.



Retrospec’d Red Oriental Tea House Sarong, 50s Pleated Skirt, and Vivian Dress

I now own a couple of Retrospec’d dresses, which I love. Their red Oriental Tea house print was one of the first items of theirs that caught my eye and it’s next up on my Retrospec’d purchase list. Question is, which piece??

The Pretty Dress Company


Candy Stripe and Miami Priscilla dresses from The Pretty Dress Company

I already own two of The Pretty Dress Company’s Priscilla dresses, but these new season Candy Stripe and Miami dresses are pastel, candy-sweet perfection. As a woman who isn’t often tempted by pastel colour palettes, it shows just how special these two dresses are.



B.A.I.T Mustard yellow Ida pumps & Loraine Heels

I’ve never ordered any B.A.I.T footwear because I’ve heard they tend to size small and I worry about paying for international shipping and customs only to end up out of pocket and naked of foot. These Lorraine heels, though, were an immediate love for me as soon as I saw my first picture of them, so the fact that they’re available in 3 colours that would all work beautifully with my wardrobe–red, green and mustard yellow–makes me wonder if it’s time to hook my first B.A.I.T Plus, their best selling Ida spectator pump has been released in this new shade of mustard yellow this spring, one of my favourite colours. Time to search out if any UK sellers stock these bad boys!

Pinup Girl Clothing

PUG is my absolute favourite of all favourites so there’s always at least one thing on my PUG wishlist, if not 10. From their upcoming SS releases, there’s a whole bunch of Jenny dresses and skirts destined to join the fabulous ranks of my wardrobe, plus some peasant tops, perhaps a pair of high waisted pants, and a Sabrina top or too. The item I’m most excited for, a pastel yellow Jenny dress, hasn’t been photographed properly yet, nor the Olive green Jenny skirt I also want, so expect to see those featured in a future Friday I’m In Love post, but I guess I’ve got enough featured above to be getting on with for now anyway.



I love vanity cases and have to resist the urge not to buy up every single one I find in decent condition in charity or vintage shops. The couple I do have, however, are the typical smaller size, and I’ve long wanted a more sizeable case to allow me to pack less sparingly for overnight stays. Thanks to Collectif’s line of Tammy Travel bags, this can finally be a reality, especially as this red and black case is just the ticket for matching my typical red accessories.

Trashy Diva

I only recently bought my first Trashy Diva piece and it’s just as lovely as I always hoped it would be, so several of their chambray and gingham pieces have now jumped to the top of my wishlist.

Colour Pop Cosmetics

Colourpop’s Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks are absolutely my favourite lip product, especially the true red shade Creeper. As they don’t ship to the UK, however, getting ahold of them requires me to ask one of my American friends to accept delivery of my order and mail it on to me. For that reason, while all these products above are super affordable, they’ll be staying on my wishlist until my friends have had a reasonable break from playing forwarding-monkey enough for me of late.

Are any of these pretties on your wishlist? What have you been lusting over lately?

3 thoughts on “Friday, I’m In Love!

  1. Hi there! I love your blog — so helpful and fun to hear from a fellow pin-up fashionista 🙂 I live in New Orleans actually, and Trashy Diva is a GREAT place. If you get the chance to come here, get your beignets at Cafe du Monde and head to Diva’s French Quarter shop. I own their gorgeous seersucker dress, but I’ve tried on the chambray piece you have on your list. It’s super flattering, especially if you have larger chest… I might just have to cave and get it this summer… 😉


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