Babely Bustier [Fables by Barrie]

This blog post is one I wrote months ago and forgot to schedule. Since it wasn’t recently written my measurements mentioned are not my current measurements, but the information regarding the fit of the top and sizing apply to my size at the time so all the advice on that subject still holds true.

I only have a couple of vintage style bustier tops, both by Pinup Girl Clothing. Those bustiers have a frill bust detail and adjustable fit due to the button closure of the back. I love them but have been searching for a plainer bustier with a more traditional sweetheart shaped bust line and a folded collar style trim to the bust. That’s when I found Fables by Barrie.

The Scarlett bustier is a classic vintage styled bustier top featuring a sweetheart neckline and a darted and seamed bodice in cotton sateen, my favourite fabric finish for a versatile look. It’s a lovely piece so I wish I had better pictures for you, but after another wet washed weekend it meant taking pictures once more in my insufficient kitchen-cum-studio set up.

Fables By Barrie Scarlett Bustier in Black Fables By Barrie Scarlett Bustier in Black Fables By Barrie Scarlett Bustier in BlackFables By Barrie Scarlett Bustier in Black
I love the sweetheart shape of this bustier, it’s so classic and flattering. It’s boned and has just a little stretch, which is perfect. The size chart allows for the L to fit 36-38 bust and a 30-33 waist, so that’s what I ordered for my 33 waist and 39 bust. The size chart is accurate, as it does fit, snugly, fastening with a separated hidden back zipper that comes entirely apart to get the top on and off, and a hook and eye at the top of the zipper. I am squishy of tummy and this top is cropped, so I do get a sensational squish overflow where the top ends its supreme cinching powers and my tummy cake powers take over. For that reason I can’t wear this top with pants, shorts or a fitted skirt unless I was willing to layer some strong shape wear below it to smooth out the transition beneath the end of the top. If you, too, have a squishy bottom half and suspect this might happen to you if you want to wear it with fitted bottoms then sizing up would fix the problem as all the sizes fit back to back on the size chart (the L is 30-33 waist but the XL is 33-35, etc.)

The Scarlett bustier is available in 15 colours and in sizes XS to XL covering up to a 35″ waist. It’s a shame they don’t size larger than that, as this is a gorgeous top. I’m sorely tempted by the black and white gingham colourway, but at $88 a top I can’t currently justify a second buy.

Fables by Barrier ship internationally, but a selection of their tops are available from The Oblong Box Shop, which is where I ordered mine as they offer cheaper international shipping and sometimes give out discount codes.

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