May Outfits Round Up

May means one thing to me: it’s mah birthday month! Half of this month’s outfits have been worn to a myriad of celebrations held in the name of my birth, because I’m one of those obnoxious people who love birthdays and gleefully drag mine out for at least two weeks, if not longer. My 30th will no doubt hold the record in this sense, as scheduling difficulties mean my final celebration doesn’t take place until mid-June, but I promise that this outfit wrap up post will be the last mention of the B word now until someone else’s comes along to claim that. At least it offers you a variety of outfits, from evening glam to picnic cute.

As usual, you can find links in the description to any item that is still available to buy. Anything not linked is from a past season and cannot be found for purchase any longer and/or is not available to buy online from the website from which I purchased it. To help give you some clarification that might make it easier for you to find certain items, please note that an item listed as ‘by’ a brand was designed by that brand, but items listed ‘from’ means that website merely sells the item and is not the designer, meaning you may be able to find it elsewhere with some searching.


Striped Poppy dress by Dolly & Dotty, Red Poppy Field Brooch by Erstwilder, Royal Blue Cropped Cardigan from Pinup Girl Clothing, Red grommets belt, old season heels


Chambray Trixie dress by Trashy Diva, Crimson Callestimon brooch by Erstwilder, old season Primark cardigan, hand bedazzled flats


Seduction Gown by Tatyana


Marin dress and Rachael cardigan both by Hell Bunny (google stockists,) Red faux suede ballet flats by F&F at Tesco


Carla Blue Rope dress by Lindy Bop, Red Sateen slide belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, Red faux suede ballet flats by F&F at Tesco


Custom London print Isabel dress by eShakti, Red sateen slide belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, old season Primark flats


Red Erina dress by Collectif, assorted thrifted wooden bangles, old season wedges


Pamela dress by Collectif, Ice Blue Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Red Sateen Slide belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, Crimson Callistemon brooch by Erstwilder, old season Truffle heels


Hamilton dress from Unique Vintage, Red Sateen Belt with Grommets by Pinup Girl Clothing, Kelly Green Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Red Carved Splendette bangle, self-bedazzled flats (tutorial)


Lemon Gingham Priscilla dress by The Pretty Dress Company, Ice Blue Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Red Carved bangle by Splendette, Red sateen belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, old season New Look flats, Forever 21 crystal necklace


Bernice Paris dress by Lindy Bop, Ice Blue Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, old season New Look flats


Black & Golden Leaf Sarong set by Vivien of Holloway, ASOS Gold Circle brooch 2 pack, vintage bag, Bella Brown Wedges from eBay, Primark wooden & gold bangle stack


Black Sabrina Cape, Gina Black & White Striped Top, Black Falda Pencil skirt all by Dolly & Dotty, Red belt from Havana dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, old season heels


Hamilton, Hamilton, Just You Wait! [Unique Vintage]

Okay, so if you’re familiar with Hamilton, the musical, then you’ll get the title reference of this post. You’ll probably also understand that when I first saw the Hamilton dress from Unique Vintage, yes, I did immediately love it for the dress itself, but I also at least partially snapped it up because of its name. I just had to. I’ve had the cast recording soundtrack playing on repeat for a couple months now and my heart is sad that I can’t see the show since I live in the UK (not that anyone can see the show really, sold out as it is) but now at the very least I can don this dress, head out into the sunshine and enjoy its musical namesake with a pair of headphones.

Unique Vintage Hamilton striped day dressUnique Vintage Hamilton striped day dress Unique Vintage Hamilton striped day dressUnique Vintage Hamilton striped day dressUnique Vintage Hamilton striped day dressUnique Vintage Hamilton striped day dressUnique Vintage Hamilton striped day dressUnique Vintage Hamilton striped day dressUnique Vintage Hamilton striped day dress Dress: Hamilton dress by Unique Vintage
Shoes: Old season Primark
Bag: Dancing Days by Banned Erin Wicker Bag from Audrey Star’s Boutique
Belt: Red Sateen Slide Belt by Pinup Girl Clothing
Sunglasses: Current season Primark in store
Bangle: Natural Woven Bamboo 3pc set by Splendette
Petticoat: Jennifer by Malco Modes

The Hamilton dress is one of those sundresses that’s really eye catching and–not to be redundant–unique, and I think it could easily pass as an authentic vintage piece. The green and white striped fabric is complimented by an asymmetrical decorative button detail slanting across the bodice and a large contrasting green pocket in the skirt. Said skirt is gathered and extremely full, taking a full volume petticoat with joyful puffy ease, and the shoulder straps are tie straps, one of my very favourite sundress design features. The neckline is straight and quite high and the dress closes with a side zipper topped by a hook and eye closure. It comes with a thick green rope belt (which I’ve replaced with a contrasting red belt in my pictures) but it’s a sturdy, thick rope that I can see lasting well through wear.

Since it’s made from unlined cotton there isn’t any stretch in this dress, but the sizing is generous. This XL is for 33 inch waists according to the size charts but I flat measured mine at 35 inches and found it has another half inch of give. The bust flat measures at 42 inches, so as long as your bust will allow you to do so you might be able to size down for a more snug fit through the waist. The bodice is quite long, I found, running 12.75 inches from the lowest point of the bust to the waist, and 14.75 inches from the start of the straps to the waistline. I’m not particularly short waisted and yet I found tying the straps short to create the high neckline is more of a necessity rather than a style choice so that I could get the waist to hit me at the right point.

I love how different this dress is to the typical repro and vintage inspired pieces you see more typically offered. And if Unique Vintage wanted to expand and offer this in a yellow, a red, or a pastel blue or a navy, I would be okay with that. You know. If they really wanted to. I’m all about being supportive. Just call me Eliza. Or Angelica. Or Laurens. Or G Wash. (Yes, that’s another Hamilton musical reference to see out this post, no, I’m not sorry.)

The Hamilton dress costs $88 and comes available in sizes XS-4X. Some sizes may be currently sold out but they’re due for a restock in less than 30 days, so you can get your hands on all sizes soon enough. Unique Vintage ship domestically for $7 flat rate shipping or free for orders over $150, and now offer cheaper international shipping options for international customers.