Clogs on the Cheap 

There are many different vintage-style shoes from the eras gone by, each offering something unique and specific to finish off your outfit pairings. On the whole, I find that my vintage sensibilities don’t stretch as far into the footwear world as they do the clothing sphere, so typically you can expect to find my outfits finished off with a cute pair of ballet flats, wedge sandals or faux suede peeptoe heels even when that’s not authentic.

Lately, I’ve been branching out a little in this respect, looking up more vintage styles and mentally trying to shuffle them into my wardrobe to see if I feel that the shoe fits–I’m sorry, I had to. (I’m not sorry, I’m actually quite pleased with that one, if I’m honest.)

A style of shoe I’ve recently been pondering over and have been surprised to find myself drawn to is the vintage-style clog sandal. I do love summer wedges or sandals that have a wooden or faux wooden finish on the base of the shoe, so that part easily appeals to me, but on the whole the style is bulkier than I tend to find appealing. For that reason, while I wanted to experiment with introducing a pair into my shoe selection, I was wary of spending out on some of the pricier, well-known established clog brands, such as Swedish Hasbeens.

F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals

F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals

So imagine my delight when I happened to be browsing the F&F section of the Tesco website and found these clog-esque cuties available in black and white for only £20 a pair. Bargain!

Tesco F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals ClogsTesco F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals Clogs Tesco F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals Clogs Tesco F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals Clogs Tesco F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals ClogsTesco F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals Clogs
These shoes are really lightweight, as the wood look sole is made using a faux finish and not a real carved wooden sole. They’re super comfortable to wear and don’t cut in at all or pinch me. I feel like I can wear them easily all day without coming up without sore soles or any rubbed spots, so they’re a great introduction to a style I wasn’t sure would feel very ‘me’ in my wardrobe.

These sandals cost just £20 available in UK sizes 3-8. They only come in black and white, but in my book those two colours can pair with most outfits. They’re available online from Tesco’s F&F if you can’t find them in-store, but Tesco offer click and collect delivery in-store free for website orders.

4 thoughts on “Clogs on the Cheap 

  1. These clogs are really good. And are cheap too. I’d suggest you take a look at Wooden Clogs Sandals from Troentorps. The prices are on the higher side compared to others, but the designs are brilliant.


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