Golightly and Free [Unique Vintage]

The Golightly dress by Unique Vintage is one of their staples pieces, offered in new colours and prints every season. I’ve been kicking myself for a couple years already for missing out on their perfect mint striped colourway, because goddamnit, mint stripes! So I was thrilled to see their new colours this season included a pink striped one. No, I’m still not a pink girl, but from their stock pictures it looked much more red than pink, which was why I was so taken with it: I am all about a red stripe. I decided to take the plunge and pray for red.

Unique Vintage Golightly Dress Pink StripedUnique Vintage Golightly Dress Pink Striped Unique Vintage Golightly Dress Pink Striped Unique Vintage Golightly Dress Pink Striped Unique Vintage Golightly Dress Pink StripedUnique Vintage Golightly Dress Pink StripedUnique Vintage Golightly Dress Pink Striped

Dress: Pink Striped Golightly dress by Unique Vintage
Cardigan: MAK Oatmeal Cropped Cardigan from Pinup Girl Clothing
Bangles: Carved Fakelite bangles by Splendette
Bag: Thrifted
Hair Flower: Felicity Double Orchid by Daisy Jean Florals
Shoes: Old season Primark

Spoiler alert: the pink stripes really are pink. I knew deep down they must have been in order for them to name it thus, but I had a couple people assure me it looked pretty red so I held out hope when I ordered that they would be more red than pink. No. It’s definitely pink. If you hate pink like I hate pink then, yes, it will be too pink for you. Lesson learned: believe the item description, even when pictures convince you otherwise. Saying that, overall the dress is adorable.

This dress closes with a back zipper, features hidden side pockets, and, best of all, offers an adjustable fit in the straps. They’re fixed to the dress front and back with buttons on the inside of the bustline and back panel, with 3 buttons offered on the end of the strap that allow you to choose how loose or tight you wear them. I had to wear mine on the tightest setting to get the waist to fit me at the correct point since the dress was a little loose on me. The skirt is gathered and has tons of volume, tons.

The Golightly dress was updated this SS16 season with the edition of a shirred smock back panel. That smocking gives this dress tons of stretch, to the point that my usual tight XL from UV in this dress made me feel I should have sized down for a tighter, more flattering fit, especially considering the extra volume added to one’s bust by the bow and folds detail of the bust. It flat measures 33 inches in the waist, flat stretching to 36 inches. Because that smocking allows so much stretch, it means it’s a super comfortable wear. If, like me, you like your dresses to cinch you in a bit though, that does mean this dress won’t do that and you would have to size down for that effect. The skirt is 26.5 inches long.

The Golightly dress is available in sizes XS-4X and costs $98. It’s also available in an adorable white colourway sporting a black fish print. Unique Vintage offer international shipping, and they have a loyalty points system that converts your purchases into discount coupons off future purchases.


12 thoughts on “Golightly and Free [Unique Vintage]

  1. I am happy to hear of the added shirred back panel! I had ordered this dress a couple years ago (before the stretch was added) and it was very ill fitting on me. If it had a little stretch, it would have been perfect! Now it does – now I want to try it again… 😉


  2. That dress is beaaautiful and that skirt is absolutely gorgeous. When I saw the picture where you’re twirling around in your dress, I was like :O “I gotta have that.”
    But I hate paying custom fees…


    • Customs fees sucks. I’ve been quite lucky lately that not many of my parcels from UV shipped via USPS have been stopped for customs, but it’s brutal when parcels are.


  3. I dunno, I have my closet color coordinated and I hang this one in the red section! It is so red to me… but I love pink so I suppose I just didn’t care if it was pinky hehe. Sorry if I misled you.. on the upside, you look freaking hot. Like a candy cane. A super edible candy cane 😉


    • Maybe next to all your pinks it just doesn’t look as pink, lol. But in my pink-sparse closet it really stood out to me. No need to apologise though! I think deep down I knew it must still be pink for them to describe it that way, I just really hoped it would be red. It’s still adorbs!


  4. Oh Amy, you make me want to wear everything you wear!! But so much of it is UV and unfortunately, I am too poor to afford it. 😦 I feel like I live vicariously through you though! Especially because we have somewhat similar measurements so the stuff you wear I know will most likely work for me too!! xx


  5. This dress is adorable on you! I’m not sure I’m loving the smocked stretchy back. I have a dress from them that I ordered per size chart but it might be a bit too large/loose because of the stretch. Perhaps I just prefer a more fitted bodice. Either way I do love the dress I have, so I cinch the waist with a belt. Easy fix 😊


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