A Few of My Favourite Things

There are plenty of things I love that don’t get covered here on the blog because I don’t feel they warrant a full blog post or I just haven’t found any other place to sensibly ‘put’ them, so to speak. But since they’re things I adore and feel others would enjoy, it seems a shame they never get any share time. So, considering that, I’ve decided it might be nice to create a series for them on the blog in which I can occasionally share my favourite things of late, from books and movies to new websites I’ve discovered, music I’m obsessed with, accessories I’ve been wearing to death, maybe even food I can’t stop eating (no, don’t worry, that last one is super unlikely. Or is it?)

I do a similar thing with my newest favourite makeup products every few months, in the very cleverly titled My Makeup Faves series, so depending on how much you like this feature we might have to think of a title that’s less likely to obnoxiously stick you with a The Sound of Music earworm in your head all day. As of right now, I’m kind of gleefully excited about messing with you like that. Sorry, but come on, who doesn’t love a bit of The Sound of Music? (Apart from the Nazis, obviously.)

Let’s take a look at all the miscellaneous little things in my life that have been making happy lately!


Hamilton – I’ve been obsessed with listening to this soundtrack for a few months now, because God knows I haven’t seen the musical itself, but after their absolute slaughter at the Tony’s recently it’s kindled my love anew. I often listen to this soundtrack on repeat all day long on Sundays while I blog and it definitely perks up endless hours of photo selection and editing. If you haven’t bowed to the enormous societal pressure to love this show that everyone else loves, I’m kinda gonna have to insist you give it a try.


Michael McIntyre’s ‘Life and Laughing’ autobiography – I listen to audiobooks almost every day so I get through a lot of them. It’s not often I opt for an autobiography, but since I think Michael McIntyre is both hilarious and adorable I thought I would give his book a go. Truly fascinating, funny and heart warming, it amazed me to learn about the famous heights of Michael’s childhood that gave way to the near-poverty of his years as a gigging comic. Hearing the story of how he met and fell in love with his wife actually narrated by himself on the audiobook format especially earned him another soft spot in my heart, so if he’s a comedian you enjoy I would definitely recommend this book, whether in audio or written forms.


Beauty Bay – There’s several makeup brands I like that can’t be delivered to the UK or easily found at stockists over here, so I was super excited to find Beauty Bay. They stock Makeup Geek, LA Splash and LA Girl, all brands I’ve been frustrated not to be able to purchase easily over here, so it’s a great one-stop shop for a lot of those products. Plus, it’s free 2-day tracked shipping over £15, which is super easy to do when makeup shopping.


Hell Bunny Tina Capri pants – I did review these pants last year, actually, so it’s sort of cheating to include them in this run down. However, I bought them in black this spring to the red pair I already own from last year, and between the two of them they’ve been getting tons of wear lately when I need to quickly get ready and don’t have time to faff around creating my usual fully-fashioned pinup outfits. Super comfortable, affordable, and available in several colours.


Splendette Carved Fakelite bangles – Oh Splendette, you make me feel things. I went through a long phase of completely overlooking jewellery when putting together my outfits, but now we’re in summer I’ve been loving how easy it is to throw a bunch of Splendette bangles onto a wrist to complete an outfit and add in some fun, casual colour.


Erin Wicker bag by Banned – I looove wicker bags and already own several, and yet I can’t stop eyeing up more. They can be pricey to source depending upon the style, age and where you’re purchasing, so I was really pleased to see Banned bring out a wicker style bag in their SS16 line. The great thing about this bag, weird as it sounds, is that it’s not made of wicker. It’s actually made out of plastic woven to look like wicker, which it really does until you get up close. This means that it’s much more hard-wearing and able to take a knock than real wicker bags are, so it’s a perfect wicker style bag that can withstand the beatings of daily wear much more resiliently. I use it when I know my handbag might be getting knocked around more, and save my more delicate wicker pieces for more special occasions.


PYO Strawberries – This might seem like an odd thing to include, but I have fond childhood memories of going with my family to local Pick Your Own farms and kneeling on the ground helping to pick out strawberries for us to take back home. I decided last summer it had been far too many years since I had been, probably 15+, and that it was time to go again, but I completely miscalculated when the PYO would be available, missing it by more than a month. This year, I stalked the FB page of my local PYO farm for updates on the crop and was really excited to take two of my youngest niblings for their first ever experience picking strawberries. They were adorable, we got some lovely locally grown fruit at an amazing price, and to top it off we had a Mr Whippy ice cream each at the end. Perfect.




Daisy Jean Florals Felicity Orchid Hair Flower – I own quite a lot of Daisy Jean Florals pieces now and they’re all lovely, but the piece I find I keep reaching for over and over again lately is this orchid clip. It’s so pretty that people often ask me if it’s real (flattering for DJF, but come on people, be sensible) and as someone who’s still getting the hang of mastering various updos, I have no shame in admitting that it’s excellent at often helping me hide my less-than-perfect handiwork.


Storm Flower by Cheryl Cole – I’m really not a celebrity perfumes kind of person, but I’m in love with the mandarins and nectarines top notches of this scent. It always makes me feel super light and summery, which is perfect for this time of year when the last thing I want is anything cloying in my perfumes.


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