Friday, I’m In Love

It’s time again: it’s Friday and I feel like holding hands to look at some pretties together. Let’s go!



These Bonnie skirts are full, buttoned and adorable. I’ve been desperate to get my little paws on the Texas Rose print for a couple of months already, but lately the Caribbean Cruise print has been tempting me as well.

Hearts and Found 


I’d heard of Hearts and Found several times through Instagram in previous months but somehow I never actually clocked exactly what it was is, which, for the record, is an Etsy store of a vintage style clothesmaker from the Philippines offering gorgeous vintage style custom made items in a variety of fabrics and at super affordable prices. Just perusing the Etsy shop for the first time added about 5 items to my wishlist, but the Penelope dress and Lola skirts are my most coveted cuts that I hope to soon place an order for. You know, if I’m ever able to decide which fabric I want most of the many beauties on offer.

The Pretty Dress Company 

The Pretty Dress Company Dovima Atelier leopard dress 50s Bustier top

I love a good vintage inspired bustier top, so the new 50s bustiers from TPDC are a dream. Plus, despite leopard print rarely being a print I’m drawn to, I’ve found myself lustily eyeing their newly re-released leopard print Dovima swing dress.

Pinup Girl Clothing 

Pinup Girl Clothing Yellow Jenny Dress White Harley Top

Yellow Jenny dress. Enough said. And obviously I need a white Harley top too, duh.

Lola Von Rose


Lola Von Rose is a new company offering vintage style lucite purses in 4 colours, red, black, white and pink. Each purse only costs $64 and the red jumped right to the top of my lustlist as soon as I set eyes on it. Can you even blame me? Get on my arm!

Glitter and the Moon 


I am all about a glamorous cape or capelet instead of a coat, so it’s no surprise that my love of capes has crept into the bedroom too. This sheer, pretty frilled Just Rose cape from Glitter and the Moon is old Hollywood loungewear luxury and I must have it.

2 thoughts on “Friday, I’m In Love

  1. Oh the yellow Jenny is perfect!
    I’ve also heard of Hearts and Found from many blogs, but I’m a bit hesitant about buying from the Philippines (you know, custom fees). They have so many lovely designs though that I might just get over my hesitation and place an order at some point. 🙂


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