DIY Project: Alika Peplum Blouse [Tatyana]

I don’t wear a lot of trousers or pencil skirts. I’ll be honest, as body positive as I am, I still find it hard not to feel self-conscious of my stomach in tight fitting clothing. It saddens me sometimes that I force myself to overlook dresses, skirts or trousers I want because I know I won’t have the confidence to rock them as consistently as I would need to in order to justify the purchase.

However, it’s just not practical to live all of one’s life in a swing dress. Sometimes pants are required. Sometimes a pencil skirt is just much more appropriate and attractive. And for those occasions I found the perfect solution: the Alika top by Tatyana.


Ivory Alika Blouse by Tatyana

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Photoshoot Bloopers & Outtakes [Round 5]

I probably put about 5-10 hours of work per week into the blog. Prepping for and shooting outfits, selecting and editing the photos, drafting and tweaking each post’s text to try and make it as informative and digestible as possible so that you lovely readers can maybe shop a little easier, get a touch of inspiration, and feel better knowing what products shape up to be the best investments for your money. So you can imagine how thrilled I am that I am universally assured that everyone’s favourite posts are these blooper posts, the ones where the facade cracks and you can see, without a shadow of a doubt, what a clumsy, silly goofball I really am. Ha! No faux-perfection here, this is a country girl who fell into blogging almost by accident and is just bumbling her way through as best she can. These pictures make that painfully clear.

Honestly, I do kind of love that we can all take the time every few months to revisit my old blog shoots for what they really are, which is to say examples of me clomping around in the counryside battling against the elements of the Great British weather, with my own balance, with my frustration, my attention span, my inability to recognise when someone is still taking my pictures while I tell them a story they just reminded me of. And, of course, the Always, the Unreliable–me blinking during a shot. A blooper reel wouldn’t be complete without a dozen pictures of me looking inexplicably asleep while otherwise fully posed. I know. I’m an amateur, but at least I’m an amateur who can recognise she’s a bit of a clown. Let’s laugh at it together ❤


Lady K Loves Giveaway WINNER

Oh hey, what’s up? How’s your Wednesday going? Mine’s pretty good, I had dinner on the beach last night, which was lovely, and at work today there’s–

No, I know, you’re not here for that. You’re here to find out who won the Lady K Loves giveaway. You want to know if you’re the lucky person who gets to pick herself out a piece of Lady K Loveliness, something like what I’m wearing below.

Lady K Loves Lydia Patio Top and Darling Skirt

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Lovely Nora-Lee [Miss Candyfloss]

Miss Candyfloss won me over when I purchased their Gigi jumpsuit at the end of last year. It’s chic, classic and modest, which happens to be a description that can be applied to their entire line. Their signature design feature is their pleated bust detail, which is flattering and pretty on all bust sizes. Earlier this summer I went on a little mission to check out what other pieces they offer besides the Gigi with that bust detail, looking for something with a full skirt and a summery feel because, shock horror, for once we were actually broadcast a decent summer. I decided upon the Nora-Lee dress.

I’ve been massively into blues lately, of almost all shades, but especially soft shades like periwinkle and cornflower blue, so this dress immediately drew me in. Once you add in the fact that it has punctuations of red, my favourite accessorising colour, I was sold.
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That Waist Tho’ – My Favourite Longline Options

I’ve been meaning to write a longline/shapewear post for a while, but after recently sharing the below picture on Instagram, resulting in a flurry of comments asking what I was wearing (wink wink,) I knew it was time.

Wearing Dominque bra & Rago 821 Cincher, Details below

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Patio Perfection + GIVEAWAY [Lady K Loves]

Patio dresses are popular pieces amongst 50s loving modern pinups. As a plus size gal, whenever I see a patio-dress-clad lovely pop up on my Instagram feed I sigh a little inside, knowing I don’t have the time or the funds to conduct a widespread search for a patio dress that might fit me.

So imagine how excited I got a few months back to be scrolling through my Instagram feed, again (always, basically,) and come across this preview:

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Just Like Marilyn [Blueberry Hill Fashions]

For the longest time I have wanted a dress like the one famously worn by Marilyn in this picture.


There have been times when I’ve found reproductions of it but for one reason or another it’s always been impossible for me to get my hands on one. Some times the company didn’t offer them in plus sizes, other times the reproductions was simply too expensive for my budget. So imagine my delight when I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across this picture of gorgeous Ashlyn Coco, one half of fabulous blogging duo The Pink Collar Life, sporting just such a dress. Continue reading

Lady in Black, Lady in a Garden [Bluebelle]

Bluebelle is a Singapore-based vintage inspired clothing company run by sweetheart owner Ammy. She began the company in 2013 because she and her sister, vintage lovers that they are, had trouble finding vintage inspired clothing to wear in Singapore. She began by stocking established European repro companies on her website, then branched out into producing her own Made By Bluebelle line last year. Her Lady in Black tea dress was so well received that European stockists began requesting to stock the piece themselves, a turn in the tables of her position of just a couple years prior.

The line, originally catering to the petite sizes of ladies in Singapore, is now looking to branch out their sizing to include UK sizes 14 – 18. Their original hit Lady in Black tea dress is the first piece in the range to be extended. Given its classic modest cut and simple yet elegant floral print, I can see why.

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Sweet, Fair Isobel [Emily and Fin]

Emily and Fin Poppies a Plenty Isobel Dress

I’m ashamed to admit it, because I feel like I’ve been missing out, but this is my first experience with Emily and Fin. I’ve been following the brand for a while, loving, coveting, swooning. I always make a bit of a show out of buying my first piece from a brand, believing it will set the tone for our potentially loving future pretty-things-on-my-body relationship. So with Emily and Fin, I made a habit out of regularly visiting their New Items page and scrolling and scrolling, umm’ing and ahh’ing, putting this dress in my cart, then that skirt, then another dress, paralyzing myself with indecision as if I was deciding on something much more important and difficult than Which Pretty Thing Am I Going To Treat Myself To First?


Every time I decided I’d finally chosen my First Piece (yes, capitals, because we’ve established how important that is) I would excitedly go to purchase and–boom! It was sold out in my size. Because of course it was, their pieces are classic and lovely, and there were plenty of other women admiring their clothing who were being much less sentimental about hitting the checkout now button. Continue reading

Seaside Strolling with Vivien

Vivien of Holloway is considered by many to be the ruling monarch of the British reproduction vintage scene. All their pieces are designed and made in the UK, most of their clothing styles returning season after season in new colours and prints, with an army of avid fans happy to expand their Grace, Kitty or Sarong collections.

One of their most popular dress styles is the Halterneck Circle Dress, often referred to by lover’s of the style in shorthand as the HNCD. They watch the website keenly for the release of new prints, stalk eBay for signs of colourways they missed out on, and chat in Facebook groups about where they last wore their favourite dress. In terms of vintage style clothing, it’s a classic, one of those dresses that is quintessentially fifties. Almost every British pinup has one hanging in her closet, and I don’t know why it took me so long to try one.

Since all Vivien of Holloway pieces are UK made, I decided it was only appropriate to take my new dress to the seaside for a leisurely stroll with friends (and a sneaky helping of fish and chips, because if you’re going to seaside you may as well do it properly.)

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