September Outfits Round Up

September messed with us all here in England. It kept being (quote unquote) hot again. Which is fine–given we generally have crap summers you’d think we would be excited to have some surprisingly warm stretches in the first month of autumn. Sort of, but not really. Because I’m so ready to dig out my autumn wardrobe, as well as wear the new additions to it I’ve been buying the last few weeks, and so far there has rarely been the chance. My tartan, tweeds and plaids have gone unloved, my checks and flannels have been sadly unattended to. My summer clothes are pretty, but damnit I just want to wear the fall stuff.

So let’s be more sensible, October, shall we? You don’t have to rain or even get dreary (in fact, it would be kind of convenient for my blogging needs if you didn’t,) but a bit of a chill would be seasonally wonderful, if you would do me the honour. Okay? Okay. Just think about it, is all I’m asking. In the mean time, here’s the frustrated and temperature-confused collection of outfits I put together in September.


Lady Hay dress by Hell Bunny, thrifted belt, old season heels

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Timeless Eva Marie [Unique Vintage]

Unique Vintage Black and white Eva Marie Swing Dress

When you’re a bit of a shopaholic, sometimes you have to tow the line and pass over buying something you really want. If you’re lucky you’ll later be pleased you saved your pennies, because your shopping lust for that dress (or lipstick, or pair of shoes) dissipated faster than your attraction to that cute looking dude you saw on the street last week who turned around only to reveal he was sporting a rat’s tail hairstyle.

Those are the best case near-misses. You get to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself at your Supreme Adulting. Continue reading

Vendula Creative Bags [Downton Edition] 

Vendula London Downton Black Book Cover Clutch Bag

I have a massive thing for hard cased or structural bags. Whether it’s a wicker box purse, a vintage-style acrylic handbag, a sturdy frame handbag or a well structured clutch, I always just find them to be so interesting and chic. One of my particular favourites within this field is the somewhat new trend of the book clutchbag.

Bags that look like books are just too cute for me to handle, bookworm that I am. I’ve fawned over many of them, but I kept waiting for the specific cover art that would best suit my wardrobe. Over time my bookcase continually overflowed but nothing novel was being added to my bag collection. I kept waiting. And then earlier this year, while modelling for Vendula London‘s AW16 line, I discovered they were offering a new book clutch for this season, and a gorgeous one at that. The time had come! Continue reading

Friday, I’m In Love 

It’s the end of another week and time to look at some more gorgeous things I’ve recently found myself swooning over.

The Bonnit


You may have (probably have) heard of The Bonnit, a modern rain bonnet company who proudly proclaim they’re ‘not your grandmother’s bonnet.’ Each pack of 2 sports one clear and one decoratively printed rain bonnet to help keep your much-slaved-over vintage set neat and dry while you’re out and about. Continue reading

Can’t Beat Caterina [Collectif]

If you haven’t checked out Collectif’s lookbook for this season yet then I heartily recommend that you do. Their Autumn/Winter line features so many items that make me feel so many ways that I almost don’t know what to do with myself. There’s the sparkly  grey tweed suit sets that make me think of chic vintage ladies strutting sassily down the street, doing all the things they need to do in the most elegant way possible. There’s the faux leather line that makes me feel a bit badass just looking at it. There’s the sophisticated faux fur trimmed pieces that make me want to host an elegant dinner party with glamorous friends holding chilled cocktails all round.

And then there’s the checks, plaids and the tartans, the styles that are so fully the epitome of Autumn that they make me want to frolic in fallen leaves and snuggle down with some hot chocolate. The Caterina dress evokes those very sentiments, available this season in a new gorgeous green chaise check that just makes me happy. Frostily, cozily happy.

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Suavecita Grooming Spray [Deadly is the Female]

There’s a lot about vintage hairstyling that is difficult and takes time to master. There’s almost no style at all that I feel confident even saying I’ve mastered, and that largely comes down to how frizzy and hard to manage my hair is. I have a lot of it but it’s very fine, prone to flyaways and frizziness no matter the weather–although humidity, is, of course, my worst enemy, because it makes a bad situation so much worse.

Often I’ll brush out my pincurl set, add in all my sectioning clips and hairspray everything into place, feeling content I did my best with my limited skills and even more limited patience…And then I’ll move to somewhere with different lighting, or go to take a picture against a lightly coloured wall, and realise there’s a ton of frizz in my set that I hadn’t noticed while styling it against the dark background that’s reflected in my getting-ready mirror. At that point, with all the hairspray in place, I just have to let the style stand as it is, because trying to alter it would likely end up in an even bigger state. Continue reading

A Touch of Jasmine [Collectif]

Let me introduce you all to my new favourite skirt, the Jasmine skirt by Collectif.

This season Jasmine comes in two Abstract Floral prints, blue or burgundy, but I’ve already asked Collectif to please release her in all the plain colours for upcoming seasons to fulfill all my skirty needs and dreams, because I have become wholly and immediately smitten.

Jasmine isn’t a totally new piece for AW, as you might recognise it from their paint pot print line this past SS16. I very nearly got it in the yellow colourway then, but for some reason I kept assuming it would be too short on me, or less voluminous than I prefer. I was totally wrong on both counts and I’m so excited to share my new love with you now. It might have taken us a while to come together, Jasmine and I, but we finally have, and it’s real. Expect an invite to our engagement party any day now.

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Those Venice Nights [Trashy Diva] 

It was only earlier this year that I finally acquired my first Trashy Diva pieces, but in doing so they swiftly became one of my favourite vintage inspired brands. I only own 3 of their dresses so far, but literally every time I wear them they receive compliments. The designs are always so beautiful, with even their plain coloured pieces featuring eye-catching design details that set them apart. With the new Venice Nights line released this week, there’s no plain pieces in sight, only gorgeous, vibrant styles sporting a fun 40s-inspired novelty print, the likes of which Trashy Diva are renowned for producing.

Gondolas, bridges, and Venetian buildings all make an appearance in this print set against a rich blue background. The collection features 5 dress styles, 1 blouse and 1 skirt, so there’s plenty of style variety to choose from. I was sent the Circle Day Dress, a beloved older style that Trashy Diva are excited to be bringing back. After strolling and twirling in this piece at sunset, I can see why.

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London Edge AW16 – Preview Top Picks

I make a point to head to London Edge every New Year now to see the SS ranges previewed, but until this year I hadn’t yet made it to the September show for the AW lines. Many of the brands had already previewed at least some of their collections online with their AW lookbooks, but there were many that still hadn’t about whom I was curious. I was also looking forward to seeing everything in person, whether I’d seen previews of the pieces yet or not, and to meeting some of the other familiar faces that would be there.

In the past I’ve gone along with one or more of my vintage style friends, but this time I decided to try to maximize my efficiency by going alone. I was a little bit nervous about being a billy-no-mates, but as it turned out I got to meet up with several of my friends there after all, Carly of Cici And Marie, pinup model Scarlett Luxe, and owner of Deadly is the Female, Claudia. I also bumped into Kerry, owner of Audrey Star’s Boutique, and lovely Claudia of who came over all the way from Belgium. And I had the pleasure to meet Jaimee, AKA blogger Soda Fontaine, who is just downright adorable, as well as a few readers who were all total sweethearts and I would have loved to have had more time to chat to.


L to R: Soda Fontaine/Jaimee, Claudia from Deadly is the Female, Pinup model Scarlett Luxe

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Librarian Fantasies [Miss Candyfloss] 

Y’all. Prepare yourselves, because the Miss Candyfloss Librarian collection releasing this Autumn is alarming levels of perfect. I’m talking. IN. SANE. Unreal. Vintage Autumn countryside wonderfulness. I know that sounds dramatic, but every preview I’ve seen has given me the grabby-hands and I’ve begun stalking their website daily to check for new releases. Good thing too, because within an hour of the Chloe-Britt dress’s release it was sold out in multiple sizes. I very nearly missed out, but thank Floss I got lucky.

The Chloe-Britt is a rust and tweedy brown dose of Autumn elegance and I’m in love with it. Both brown and shades of orange are colours that I typically stay away from because I don’t feel they do anything for me, but this dress was so pretty I had to take the leap and just hope against hope that it worked out. Happy, happy sighs, I do believe it did. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

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