Friday, I’m In Love 

It’s the end of another week and time to look at some more gorgeous things I’ve recently found myself swooning over.

The Bonnit


You may have (probably have) heard of The Bonnit, a modern rain bonnet company who proudly proclaim they’re ‘not your grandmother’s bonnet.’ Each pack of 2 sports one clear and one decoratively printed rain bonnet to help keep your much-slaved-over vintage set neat and dry while you’re out and about.



Magnapin isn’t a brand sparking new offering but it’s only as my own brooch collection has begun to grow that I’ve recently decided I need to invest in a Magnapin or two. It’s a magnetic brooch back that allows you to wear your brooches without piercing a hole in your dresses or tops, perfect for your delicate true vintage or your repro pieces made of close knit fibres you don’t want to damage.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune are well known for their sweaters, but it’s only been this past summer, weirdly, that I’ve begun to get sweater fever. Suddenly I want to fill my winter wardrobe with jumpers aplenty, and this Bobbi harlequin sweater it just perfect. The leopard print Polly blouse also caught my eye with my new-found appreciate for a well done leopard print, and I think it would look slinky and sassy with a vintage-length black pencil skirt.

Voodoo Vixen 


Olive Gown and Lola dress, coming soon

Voodoo Vixen’s upcoming AW16 line has a lot of wonderful pieces on offer, like this gorgeous Olive velvet gown, which blows my mind. There’s also a 4 piece collection they’ve created in collaboration with Rachel Jensen of Chicago Chic Blog which is downright flawless, something that will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen even a single picture of Rachel. Sumptuous, chic and so seasonally appropriate, I cannot wait to pick up one of these pieces.



Burgundy Pearl coat and Chaise Check Juliette dress coming soon

Another season, another slamdunk for Collectif. There’s too many gems from the new season to feature them all here, but two of my favourites have to be the new green check colourway of last year’s Juliette dress, and, of course, the newest addition to the Pearl coat collection in this gorgeous burgundy. I’ll take 3 of each, please!

Bernie Dexter 


Tartan Kelly dress

One of my favourite things about Autumn/Winter is all the different tartans, checks and plaids on offer. This Kelly dress is an adorable little tartan offering, and I’ve heard many a lady rhapsodize about how wonderful the Kelly dress.

Heart of Haute


Red tartan and Black Grid Elsa blouses

Speaking of tartan, hello tartan Elsa top! I’ve been meaning to buy an Estelle top for a long time, but these sleeved, V-necked Elsa tops would probably be a better cut on me so one might just have to make it into my wardrobe this winter. There’s multiple tempting prints to consider, so bypassing them all would kind of be a travesty.

The Pretty Dress Company 

TPDC are well known for their Fatale dresses, both wiggle and prom styles, but some of their wiggle versions coming out this season offer something special, sparkly, spectacular…sequins! IN MY FAVOURITE COLOURS. Green and black hologram sequin fatale wiggles are on their way, and already available to order from Deadly Is The Female. Plus, I’m kind of dying over their tartan Gigi dress, which actually makes me eager for winter, not something I typically wish for. Basically, The Pretty Dress Company makes me swoon and I’m a little scared for the safety of my wallet judging by the new season previews we’ve had so far.

2 thoughts on “Friday, I’m In Love 

  1. I just bought a winter coat (Collectif Vivien coat in camel), but that burgundy Pearl coat is so beautiful I might have to get another one… Not like I already have 3 winter coats, but come on. Winter here in Finland lasts like half a year, so I think I’m allowed to have some change in my winter apparel ;P


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