Utterly Divine [Heart of Haute]

Divine by name, divine by nature, this faux-fur trimmed jacket first caught my eye at London Edge previews back in September and hasn’t left me since. You might think, considering that, that I had planned to buy it, but I actually talked myself out of needing it in an unusual spurt of very adulty budgetary conscientiousness. (Yes, because I’m sure real adults say ‘adulty.’ I also say ‘Growed-ups.’ I’m not kidding anyone, am I?)

Yes, it’s a gorgeous piece that can be worn both as top and jacket, but I have more than one faux fur trimmed coat and rarely wear wiggles, with which I felt it would pair best, so it just made sense to let it pass me by.

…Buuuut then UK favourites Deadly is the Female began to stock it and OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT MUMMA’S GOT HERSELF A SEXY NEW FLUFF JACKET. Whoopsie! #sorrynotsorry

Black Divine Jacket Heart of Haute Deadly is the Female Black Divine Jacket Heart of Haute Deadly is the Female Black Divine Jacket Heart of Haute Deadly is the FemaleBlack Divine Jacket Heart of Haute Deadly is the FemaleBlack Divine Jacket Heart of Haute Deadly is the FemaleBlack Divine Jacket Heart of Haute Deadly is the FemaleBlack Divine Jacket Heart of Haute Deadly is the FemaleBlack Divine Jacket Heart of Haute Deadly is the Female Jacket: Black Divine Jacket by Heart of Haute
Skirt: Black Diva skirt by Heart of Haute
Brooch: Silver Magnetic Starburst from eBay
Bag: White Vintage Style Purse by Lola Von Rose
Boots: Black Lace Up Knee Highs from eBay

I snatched up this bad-boy back during cyber week, which coincidentally was also the week of Deadly’s 8th birthday. Knowing I could get it or it’s gorgeous burgundy colourway sister so easily here in the UK, rather than talking myself down over international delivery costs and import fees, is really what helped me cave on the purchase and I’m so pleased I did. This jacket is so glamorous and chic that it can class up almost anything you choose to pair it with–I say almost anything, because I strongly suspect it’s special powers are no match for my oversized PJ bottoms or holey-kneed yoga pants. Still, even thrown together quickly with a pair of high waisted vintage style jeans and a pair of boots produces an outfit far more glamorous and put-together than the reality of the effort needed to construct it.

The faux-fur trim on the cuffs and collar make it as warm as it is fancy. There’s a little button on the inside of bust you can fasten to keep the collar drawn closed in addition to tying the belt, but I like to wear it wrapped over fully with the belt keeping everything securely in place, no button needed. It even gives me belly coverage, so if you’re on the chubbier side and suffer VBL (visible belly line) in pants or pencil skirts, this jacket is a great option for getting your wiggle on comfortably and still feeling your wobbliest parts are covered, should you need them to be.

I ordered this in a size larger than I really needed because I wanted to give myself the option to wear it pulled tight as a wrap top or as a jacket with other layers underneath on days when it’s not so cold I have to wear a coat. Wearing it in the 1X does mean the sleeves are baggier on me than intended, but I don’t mind that as it means I can comfortably wear other layers underneath it without it getting too snug.

It’s an incredibly comfortable and luxurious jacket, putting me immediately in mind of Old Hollywood glamour every time I reach for it. I’m sure it goes without saying that such a feeling when choosing an outfit is 100% goals, so I’m a happy little pinup. As I said, I bought mine from UK stockists Deadly is the Female, who’ve sold out of the black colourway but still have the burgundy in stock in M and L. They also carry the black Diva skirt I’m wearing in these pictures, available still in select sizes, which I reviewed a while back (review here if you want sizing info.) Heart of Haute have recently restocked all items featured, so you should be able to find your size if you act quick.

The Divine Jacket comes in sizes XS-3X in black, burgundy and ivory colourways, costing $98-102. The Diva skirt, also pictured, comes in sizes XS-2X and costs $64, available in 4 colours. Heart of Haute items are made in the USA, they ship internationally and offer a customer reward program.

3 thoughts on “Utterly Divine [Heart of Haute]

  1. I love love love your wit, style, and photos! When I found your blog I read every livin word you wrote, yes your waxing poetic woos me! You lure the reader in with beautiful pics and then gently twist our arms into purchasing the most beautiful, kitchy, fun stuff ever. I am a fan and although I live in the USA, I am itching for that jacket. Woe is me, said my pocket book! Awaiting anxiously for the next…..


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