Sweet Violet [Voodoo Vixen]

The first time I clapped eyes on this Voodoo Vixen dress was in the briefest glimpse of a behind the scenes snapshot Miss Victory Violet posted on Instagram while she was modelling it for their SS17 catalogue. It was instant love, immediate obsession. Never mind that all I could see of it was the neckline, never mind that the picture was a selfie more so than a dress sneak peek. That neckline was all I needed to know that it would be a perfect vintage morsel, and a bestseller to boot. I was not wrong.

Voodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dressVoodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dress Voodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dress Voodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dress Voodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dressVoodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dress Voodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dressVoodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dressVoodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dress Voodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dress Voodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dress Voodoo Vixen Violet Floral Trim dressDress: Violet dress C/O Voodoo Vixen
Bag: Vintage
Cardigan: New Look
Shoes: Old Pinup Couture

The surprising thing about Voodoo Vixen is that, somehow, they always seem to make me fall in love with styles featuring pink. I don’t know how they do it, because the passion with which I hate certain shades of pink is nothing less fiery than that of the surface of the sun. And yet for several seasons in a row they’ve created styles featuring pink that have been some of my season’s favourites. It is super weird and I don’t really know how they’re doing it (Witchcraft? Hypnosis? Hallucinogenics infused fabrics??) but I’m not mad at it. Three of my favourite five styles from this season feature pink heavily or, like this Violet dress, are just downright pink, and yet I don’t feel like the impostor I usually do when sporting these shades.

To be honest, I actually think this dress is a peach, with pink leaning tones depending on the light. Still, regardless of the technical colour, or perhaps because of it, this dress is perfection in my eyes. The embroidered floral trim of the neckline feels so authentically vintage to me that it almost hurts. The fabric is non-stretch and has a subtle, dainty criss-crossing of white stitching that creates a tweed-like finish, except lightweight enough for summer. There are pockets, huzzah, and the 28 inches long flared swing skirt will house a slim volume petticoat for a nice floaty skirt feel should you not want to wear it alone. Balancing out the non-stretch fabric is the shirred back panel and the adjustable shoulder straps which make the fit of this dress more flexible from body to body.

Still, saying that, I’ll admit the non-stretch fabric and my current measurements put my usual Voodoo Vixen XL size at near risk of not fitting me in this dress. My 45 inch bust really wasn’t keen on playing along with the side zipper, but changing my usual style of bra for my WKD longline merrywidow cinched everything in tight enough that I could zip up. And thank God, because I truly might have cried if I hadn’t been able to fit this dress. The waist flat measures 32 inches with just enough give to max out at 34 inches, barely, while the 38 inch bust can stretch to 43 inches thanks to the shirring in the back panel. All that makes this the most true to the size dress I’ve ever had from Voodoo Vixen, which typically sizes a little larger than their size chart states, so absolutely make sure to check the chart for the correct size before you order. Once you do, though, I’m sure you’ll end up with a dress you’re as obsessed with as I am.

And, you know, Voodoo Vixen, if you feel like making this dress in white next year with yellow floral trim, I’d be cool with that. You know, whatevs. (Frantic internal screaming of longing.)

The Violet dress comes in sizes S-XL for £47. I fully expect stock to sell out fast, so do be aware that if Voodoo Vixen sell out of their own stock that their stockists may still have stock as well, and that a restock will be coming in April. Voodoo Vixen ship internationally.

9 thoughts on “Sweet Violet [Voodoo Vixen]

  1. flippin gorgous. I love this peach/blush colour on you! Another gift from the gods thanks to Voodoo Vixen, I only hope they bring out beauties like this when they eventually relaunch their plus size section! I especially love that you’ve teamed it with white. You look like a perfect easter present!


    • They definitely want to be able to do their full range in plus sizes, I’m also hoping for all my gorg plus size sisters that they pick the gems from each season, at least, to add to the Curve range while they’re building it up across the full range. I suppose it must be so hard to know for sure which items are going to be the bestsellers from an upcoming season in order to plan accordingly!


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