Custom Made to the UK & Beyond [eShakti] 

I’ve featured eShakti once before here on the blog, back when they only shipped to the USA and Canada. A third of my blog audience is from the USA alone, but for the rest of my readers it was somewhat of a cruelty to tell them of this reasonably priced, fully customisable shopping service that allowed you to order what you liked not just in your perfect size but also in the length, sleeve style and neckline that you wanted. I know, I’m sorry. It was justifiable consider my stats, but it was still a bit mean.

But, fear not, my little vintage crumpets, if you haven’t yet heard the latest eShakti news, I bring it to you with great joy: eShakti have massively expanded the countries to which they now ship. The UK, Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, and UAE have now joined Canada and the USA as eligible for international shipping, and I fully expect further countries to be added to that list in coming months if their recent swift expansion is anything to go by.

So, in celebration of my now being able to order from their website without it necessitating one of my American friends agreeing to act as postal recipient and mail forwarder for me, I ordered myself a delightful new summery dress with one of their many regular promotional discounts on offer.

eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress eShakti Custom Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress

Dress: Havana Print Sash Tie Crepe dress (customised) by eShakti
Cardigan: Honey Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up
Bag: White Vintage Inspired bag by Lola Von Rose
Shoes: Zulily

There’s many benefits of ordering from eShakti. The obvious is the ability to order your clothing not only made to your exact measurements but also to your own preferences for sleeve style and length, neckline style, skirt length, zip placement and the adding or removal of pockets, for $9.95 flat rate no matter how many changes you choose to make. No longer do you have to um and ah over a dress style you absolute love but know, realistically, isn’t going to be entirely flattering on your upper arms with that sleeve style, or will require you to add a cardigan to make the neckline work appropriate, or would be perfect if only it were just 3 inches longer. I regularly suffer from such hang ups with all three of those features, knowing a style is most flattering on me when it hits on or below my knees, shows a decent amount of collarbone, and doesn’t cut off my arms at their chubbiest part. This dress in it’s original incarnation would not have been the most flattering on me, with it’s sleeveless style and high neck slit-front neckline. So, I made some changes.

Original version of the dress

To turn it into a summer dress more suited to my figure and taste, I opted for a wide square neckline, leaving it sleeveless so that combination would instead create thick shoulder straps. This expanse of skin on my upper chest avoids the double-chin, loss-of-neck nightmare that high necklines tend to create for me. As I listed my height in my measurements, choosing ‘below the knee’ on the skirt length really did ensure it was below my knee, not below the knee of the original fit model who may well have been much shorter than my 5ft 7.

The ability to custom size your pieces thankfully doesn’t mean you have to type them in each time you order. Once you’ve created an account, you can create a size profile listing every conceivable measurement of your body so that each time you order all you have to do is select custom sizing over the standard sizing options and the website will automatically load all of your relevant measurements for that style. That means it’s ridiculously easy and quick to order which, you know, is great, but also terrible, depending on your will power.

The other great thing about ordering from eShakti, apart from the massive pluses listed above, is that when ordering to the UK it calculated the customs fees of my order before I completed check out. That means I didn’t have to do any guess work on how much extra money this dress was going to cost me once it arrived in the UK, as I had to pay the fees as part of my order along with the shipping. It allowed me to decide if I could justify this dress for sure, as I knew with one click exactly how much this order was going to be costing me in total with all fees and taxes included. And as everything was already paid for upon check out, there was also no threat of my parcel being held up once it reached England as it didn’t need to be passed around between customs branches and delivery services while they calculated fees, alerted me of them, waited for payment, attempted a no-doubt-failed delivery, alerted me of that, waited for a redelivery arrangement, etc, etc, on and on omg. Skipping that frustrating rigmarole was refreshing for an order arriving from overseas.

As every item is custom made, your typical eShakti order will take longer to dispatch than ordering something off the rack from your favourite vintage website. They quote 10-14 days to make the product and deliver it to you, but if you log in to your account you can check the progress of your order in your order history, from pattern making right through to cutting and stitching, quality control, and shipping. It’s well worth the wait for an item you can be assured is going to look and fit just the way you want.

The Havana Sash Tie Crepe Dress costs $58.95, but eShakti regularly offer discount code promotions, of which I took advantage to purchase this dress for just $57.94 total, with customisation fee, international shipping and UK custom fees all included.

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