June Outfits Round Up 

Y’all, I’m sure you know this already because when it happens we Brits can do nothing but complain about it, weak as we are, but it’s been hot here. Like, doesn’t happen in England very often kind of hot. (Aka, around 30°C.) I know that’s nothing compared to what some other countries have to deal with but it’s a rarity for us; some summers it doesn’t reach that heat at all, or perhaps for one day. We are much more used to damp summers, chilly springs, and frosty winters. When it gets hot here, with our humidity levels tending towards the downright rude, we kind of don’t know what to do except stand around moaning while we get all pink and clammy.

As such, it’s been a fairly simple style month. When it’s been hot the pincurls have been ditched in favour of buns, I’ve had little mental effort left to figure out how to tie together an outfit when my standard cropped cardigans haven’t been required, and honestly some days I haven’t felt like putting in any effort at all. Thankfully the heatwave is over and fingers crossed that will be it for this summer. Bring me sunny days with cool breezes.

Havana eShakti dress, Honey Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, old eBay shoes, Deluxe Clip in Bettie Bangs by Classy Rebel

Yellow Hostess Dress by Pretty Retro, Red Deluxe Hydrangea bundle by Daisy Jeasn Floral, old Primark shoes and belt

Old (now defunct) Tara Starlet dress, Primark belt and shoes, thrifted bangles

Blue gingham Corinna dress, New Look White cropped cardigan, old belt, New Look red tie flats

Adelyn dress by Voodoo Vixen, New Look Black cropped cardigan, old Black clog sandals

Lana dress by Dolly & Dotty, Royal Blue Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Emmy basket bag by Joanie clothing, New look red tie flats

Leandra 50s dress by Hell Bunny (AMYMAY20!%), White cropped cardigan from New Look, old Primark shoes

Monte Carlo 50s dress by Hell Bunny (AMYMAY20!%), Black cropped cardigan and red tie flats from New Look, Emmy basket bag from Joanie Clothing

Black Jade dress by Collectif, Vintage brooch, Taupe Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, New Look black flats, Bow and Crossbones Gold Thread bangles, Splendette black bangles

Red Erina dress by Collectif, old Peacocks cardigan, Splendette bangle, New Look red tie up flats

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