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Ah September, we meet again. I’ve been pretty excited about that because I have a little time off work, but mostly because it’s London Edge time! It opened yesterday and I dragged my excited butt up to London to check out the collections for all you lovelies. This season’s event was actually a little different to usual as a lot of the larger repro brands have been super organised this year and got their lookbooks out early in the past few weeks, with some even releasing large portions of their lines already too. Consequently, I’ve tried not to take pictures of items that are already on sale or those you would have seen in lookbooks, but in case you’ve been out of the loop lately I’ll add links to any online Lookbooks and new releases below as well. Let’s go!

Collectif Clothing + Lulu Hun

Collectif are always so organised that they debut a sneak peek of the following season’s line alongside the current season, meaning they were showcasing SS18 as well as this AW17/18 line. I’m not allowed to show you any snaps of SS18 yet, as usual, but I can tell you to expect fruity novelty goodness, tropical prints, nautical and stripey beach vibes, and some palm leaf pieces of my dreeeeams. Oh, and a surprise lobster or two!

In terms of this year’s Autumn/Winter range, though, newsflash: they’re killing it. There’s easily half a dozen luxe gowns perfect for holiday parties, some familiar dress styles in new colours (Alexandria in teal and olive, sleeved Dolores in gorgeous plaid, for example) and plenty of stunning coats that are so pretty you’ll be tempted to wear them as dresses, including two new Pearl colours (a copper-toned Tan and dark petrol-ish Blue.) There’s several new sleeved dress styles, covering plaid, polka dotted and plain fabrics, and there’s a host of gorgeous accessories, including their beloved Tammy travel bag available in a white trimmed dark green colourway as well as a black quilted colourway, both perfect for weekend trips. I’m in love with the cropped cardigans coming that will add some much needed warmth to your swing dresses in these cooler months (why yes, I absolutely will be wearing the olive floral cardi below with my black Jade dress, why do you ask?)

Lulu Hun also has some amazing shoes on offer, with possibly their best range yet. There’s adorable coloured booties in two styles, some glittery sweetness, a few bows here and there, and a range of winter suitable flats. Basically, get your money ready because Collectif is coming for it.

If you want to see more than the tidbits I snapped for you below you can check out some sneak peeks posted here on their Facebook page, and there’s already a couple dozen new styles available in their New In section online.

Vooodoo Vixen

Last year’s AW season was an exciting one for Voodoo Vixen in no small part thanks to their gorgeous collaboration with Rachel Jensen, formerly known as ChicagoChicBlog (she’s now NY based.) This year repeats that exciting formula with a design collaboration with the gorgeous sweetheart Miss Victory Violet. There are sneak peeks from this line and the launch party they held for it scattered about on social media, with a full Lookbook due soon, so I focused on pictures of items you won’t have seen yet. The big news, apart from Ella’s line, is that this is Voodoo Vixen’s first season offering accessories, covering turbans, fascinators, necklaces and earrings. They’ve had handbags on offer for quite a while but the most exciting take-away from their booth for me this time around was the sheer number of gorgeous bags we’ll be seeing, with a unique range of styles and materials. There’s at least 3 I’ll be dying to add to my bag collection, not just because I like them but because they fill a genuine hole in my collection.

This season VV are bringing you the perfect grey tartan as a swing skirt, pencil skirt, and both a swing and pencil dress. There’s also the best selling Lola dress from last season available again in the previous green plaid as well as a new plaid, with that same fabric available in two swing skirts (I am genuinely torn over which I want and I might just have to buy them both.) Swing skirts are also on offer in winter florals too and there’s swing trousers in a few different colours. Fans of separates will also be pleased to hear that there’s also a ton of sweaters and multiple tops in plain colours that form wardrobe staples at budget-friendly prices. You’ll also find multiple dresses in winter floral prints, a dose of velvet, some familiar dress styles in new colours, and a handful of coats and capes!

The best news of all is that they’ve extended their standard size range this season to add XXL across the line, with a full plus sized expansion of their Curve range planned for next Spring/Summer. You wanted more plus size pieces and they’ve been working to bring them to you, with the design department also looking into the fit of the bust and sleeves of their Curve range as you’ve asked ❤ I know Voodoo Vixen have been wanting to expand their sizing for a while, with fans equally as eager to see that happen, so I’m really pleased it’s fully in the works now.

Check their New In section for a huge release of their line and expect the rest to be added soon. In the meantime you can stalk their social media pages and Miss Victory Violet’s Instagram to see what other items you can spot that are coming soon.

Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny have been super organised this season, maybe the most organised of all, releasing most of their line already over the past few weeks. They’ve also put up their full catalogue online, so if you want to see every single item you can find it here.

Most of their Autumnal, Halloween and winter themed pieces are already up on the site in New In, with perhaps only a quarter of the line left to debut. (Remember, if you buy direct from they’re sweet enough to give you a 20% off discount on your orders with code Amymay20!%) Even though the catalogue and most of the stock are up online I took a few pictures of the items I felt weren’t fully showcased in the catalogue just to give you a better idea of what they’re like in reality in the fine details.

If you don’t have time to flick through the catalogue right now, though, then expect plaids and tartans, snowflakes, autumn pumpkin patterns, multiple Halloween prints including bat lace, holly berry prints for Christmas, and some new warm coats.

Miss Candyfloss

If you haven’t seen Miss Candyfloss’s Lookbook or new releases yet you may just be living under a rock because their Agent Carter AW17 line has been slaaaaying everyone. Already I’ve snapped up two dresses from this collection, with several more and 3 coats also on my wishlist as well. Their Lookbook is so flawless there’s almost no point in me even posting any snapshots as they will do the line no justice, so I suggest you go check it out now then come back once you’ve recovered from the perfection. My one tip I’ll give you is if you spot an item you love then you need to stalk the New In section of their site every day to make sure you won’t miss the release, because many of these items are and will be selling out across sizes incredibly fast. Be quick or miss out!

Banned/Dancing Days

Dancing Days are always great at offering a huge range of staple sweaters and knitwear for AW and this year they have not disappointed. There’ll also be the usual offerings of cute handbags and shoes, as well as some lovely new additions like tweed fabrics and plaids. Even a faux fur trimmed winter cape! As I looked around the booth I lamented that their plus sizes are normally only offered on a few items, and not normally the items I most love, but I was thrilled to be told they’re extended their plus sizes across their whole range this season, so I’ll be very excited to see some of my favourite dresses below available to everyone. If you’re a winter jumper lover, you’ll want to make sure you check out their range this year.

There is a Lookbook online you can check out if you want to see some more of the range but do remember that Dancing Days is a wholesale-only brand which means you’ll have to check your favourite stockist for new releases to actually shop their line.

Unique Vintage

And last but not least we have Unique Vintage, who know that if something ain’t broke you shouldn’t try to fix it. There’s lots of new fabrics and colours coming of existing much loved UV dress styles, as well as a new range of the novelty swing skirts they’re known for–although unfortunately there was such a cluster around that part of the rack I wasn’t able to get close enough to get you a run down of those. In terms of holiday wear, though, their occasion dresses have got you covered, as always. Their cupcake dress, the tulle dream I reviewed in Spring, is coming in black and a rich emerald green, alongside some other tulle/mesh beauties of new designs, which is no great surprise as this is a niché that Unique Vintage does so well. There’s also some plaids and winter florals on display, as well as a red colourway of My New Favourite Dress I Don’t Own Yet, the Luna capelet dress set. Unique Vintage release themed Lookbooks every few weeks and stock all the above brands, so it’s definitely worth regularly checking not only the New In for their own line but on their whole site in general.

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