March Outfits Round Up–Sort Of [Covid-19 Update]

So, uh…things are pretty different these days, huh?

I used to give a little summary at the start of my monthly outfit round ups, but I stopped after a while because I just didn’t think it was a necessary component of those posts. Now, though, it would be weird not to address what’s going on in the world, which is obviously the rapid and wide spreading of Covid-19. I know different countries are and will continue to be in varying levels of isolation and lockdown; here in the UK we’ve been officially social distancing since just before the middle of March, with a more extensive ‘essential work and travel only’ lockdown beginning shortly after.

As such, I obviously didn’t socialise in March as I usually would have, and since I only dress up in my vintage style lovelies for socialising that means the chance to get pinned up as usual evaporated a few weeks back. What you likely don’t know, though, is that I’m often anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks behind in uploading some of my outfits, because I’m lazy and the whole process involves a tedious transfer from camera to computer, then to the cloud, then on to my phone in order to even post an OOTD on Instagram. So for the remainder of March after social distancing began I had been posting old outfits I had accumulated in an accidental backlog.

Meanwhile, in reality, I moved in with my brother’s family, where I will be living for the duration that this virus remains a threat, and until the middle of last week I’d been continuing to go to work because by day I’m a full-time warehouse supervisor at a warehouse that is part of the supply chain. Now that I’ve been furloughed, I’m sure there will be days that I decide to dress up just to have something fun and remotely normal to do, but these outfits below are some of my last ones I have banked and once they run out you and I will both have to get used to sporadic outfit shots taken against a new background (!!)–where exactly that will be, I haven’t figured out yet. I tried to take a couple of my outfits over Easter weekend but my first choice had dubious lighting, so it’s back to the drawing board on that.

All of this is to say that I don’t currently intend to shut down the blog entirely during the duration of this pandemic–for now, I’ve had messages saying that for those quarantined at home or struggling to cope with the sudden changes we’ve all had to make they’ve found that it’s nice to still be able to keep up with others in our vintage community online and to still share pictures, outfits, chat, etc. While that remains a joyful and helpful outlet for myself and others I’m more then happy to keep Instagramming and blogging when I can.

Please be assured that any photos taken outside are done so within the safety of my garden. I want to focus as much as I can on promoting small businesses that will need extra help to stay afloat during this crisis in the hopes that we can help them make it out the other side of it, so where possible I’ll be doing garden-shot reviews for that purpose. Overall, I just want to be totally honest with you that I’m abiding by any government guidelines, I’m doing my best to supply and care for the vulnerable and elderly within my community, and that, just like everyone else, I don’t know where this is all going and will likely make adjustments as needed as time goes on. All we can do is care for one another, be vigilant, and do our part in being a supportive, proactive community.

I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well, and continue to remain so. If you care about looking at pretty outfits please scroll down to enjoy 3 minutes of mindless vintage oblivion, but if not thank you for reading this update. Stay home and stay safe!

All my love

Antonia Mid Dress gifted by Hell Bunny (Discount code Amymay20!%)
Black bangles by Splendette and Bow & Crossbones
Green cropped cardigan by Collectif*
Old Primark flats
Handmade turban headband

Gemma Yellow Lace Sun dress gifted by Joanie Clothing
 Royal Blue cropped cardigan by MAK Sweater (Affiliate code yemak-amymay for 40% off)
Blue bangles by Splendette
eBay brooch
Turn Back Prime flats from ModCloth

Dress gifted by Miss Candyfloss
eBay brooch
Donna heels by Hotter* (A/L)
Self made wig

 Aemela-Ivy Dress gifted by Miss Candyfloss
White cropped cardigan by MAK Sweater (Affiliate code yemak-amymay for 40% off)
Vintage brooch
Mint Sorbet, Frosty, Coconut, Rose and Sherbet bangles by Splendette
Turn Back Prime flats from ModCloth

Black wrap top by Dolly & Dotty*
Lana PU Biker jacket by Collectif*
Black starburst bangles by Splendette
Black Luna dress by Unique Vintage* (A/L)
Black tights by Snag Tights
Black Tatiana Boots by Lulu Hun

Rusty Orange Royal Blue cropped cardigan by MAK Sweater (Affiliate code yemak-amymay for 40% off)
Caterina Geek Check dress gifted by Collectif
Assorted green bangles by Splendette
Old Primark flats
Self made wig

 Tora 50s Dress gifted by Hell Bunny (Discount code Amymay20!% for 20% off)
Black wrap top by Dolly & Dotty*
Black bangles by Splendette and Bow & Crossbones
Old New Look cage flats
Self made wig

Finella-Lee dress gifted by Miss Candyfloss
Sage cropped cardigan by MAK Sweater (Affiliate code yemak-amymay for 40% off)
Vintage brooch
Builders Tea tights by Snag Tights
Viviene heels by Hotter* (A/L)

Mint Luna Cape Set gifted by Unique Vintage
Leopard cropped cardigan  by MAK Sweater (Affiliate code yemak-amymay for 40% off)
Silver Foil Starburst bangles by Splendette
Turn Back Prime flats from ModCloth
Self made wig

Panthera 50s dress gifted by Hell Bunny (Discount code Amymay20!%)
Black Mabel cardigan by Voodoo Vixen bought from Blue Banana (A/L)
Black bangles by Splendette and Bow & Crossbones
Black Cecily boots by JustFab (Referral link for money off)


[Disclaimer: Items marked as gifted are items sent to me for free in exchange for honest reviews. Items marked with an asterix * are all items I bought myself but are made by companies I have worked with previously by accepting gifted items. The use of my MAK affiliate code will generate me a small commission from your order. I do not earn any commission from the use of my personalised Hell bunny discount code. All opinions expressed are truthful and my own, with no input from any of the companies listed or any other individuals. Items marked with (A/L) are Affiliate Links.]

15 thoughts on “March Outfits Round Up–Sort Of [Covid-19 Update]

  1. Oh lovely Miss Amy! I’m still here, reading and stalking you ❤ I hope you and your family are well and continue to be throughout this time. Thank you for the time you take to put extra beauty in this world ❤


    • Evieeee! Hi honey. Yes we’re all safe and well, I hope you and your loved ones are too! I’m not sure if there’ll be many outfit related posts coming up from me, but I’ve got a bunch of ideas for beauty and hair posts (mostly focused on things being really quick and easy) so hopefully that will be useful for people!


      • You just lit up my evening ❤ I look forward to it all. I just completed a "pass the brush" video…you'll get a kick out of it when it's complete 🙂


      • Aww that’s so cute! I need to try to look out for it, I never seem to find the time to scroll the actual feed on Instagram these days but I’ll have to make sure to go seek that out


  2. Glad to know you’re staying safe! These are supper weird times. Luckily, I’m in a spot where I can take in this quarantine as an opportunity to work on my own blog and pursuing all of the projects I’ve been putting off. Taking the time for growth and reflection has been cathartic after losing my job.


    • Oh no, I’m so sorry you lost your job! It’s incredibly sad how difficult this crisis is for so many people, I feel beyond grateful that I’m able to be safe and supported. I really hope you’re in a similar position despite your job, and I think it’s great you’re able to see the positive of what else you’re able to achieve with your newly freed-up time! ❤


  3. Thank you for this. Yours is one of my favorite little bits of the internet and I love mentally escaping into your wardrobe (um, that came out weird? not literally. You will definitely not find me in there) and I look forward to seeing whatever you are able to keep posting under these circumstances


    • My wardrobe at my brother’s house is tiny so good luck fitting in it! I’m also going to have to operate with a capsule collection to form my outfits for the first time so hopefully that remains interesting for you in a new way.

      Thank you so much for your comment, it really brightened my day 💕 I’ve got several post ideas that I’m working on so hopefully I can get them up for you all at regular intervals, regardless of whether or not I’m called back to work soon.


  4. Reading my favourite bloggers – and admiring pretty dresses – is a small bit of sanity-saving normality in the midst of the current madness, so I shall continue to appreciate anything that you care to post in these strange times. That said, of course your own well being absolutely must first. Many thanks, and stay safe!


    • That’s so lovely to read Fran, thank you! My outfit posts might take longer to accumulate enough outfits to make up a full post, but I’ve been working on some other content behind the scenes the last few days so you can continue to see new posts going up regularly for as long as I can think up interesting ideas!


  5. You’re a total sweetheart and absolutely love your blog! If I’m unsure about a Hell Bunny pièce I always check your archives lol Don’t let “Quarantine” get you down!


    • Oh I’m so glad to hear that! I try to focus on small businesses as often as I can, and I really try to emphasise what they offer. Pleased I can give you useful info on other slightly larger brands (by vintage inspired standards!) like Hell Bunny too, it’s so lovely being able to help others find the pieces that they really cherish in their wardrobes. Thank you for reading!


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