Friday I’m In Love 

Ah, January, you nemesis to the monthly budget. Christmas has gone and so have the sales, and still, still, what would you know, there are pretty things to covet. Who woulda thunk it?

B.A.I.T Footwear


These Haku boots kill me. I keep launching on desperate internet searches to find something similar that I can actually justify spending out on this month but alas, I always have to concede that my search results just cannot live up to these beauties. One day, perhaps. One day.



I came across these adorable knitted sleep in rollers a few weeks back and can’t get over how cute they are. Plus, come on, any wetsetters know something that looks as comfortable as these must be a joy to sleep in. Sigh.


I only bought my first Luxulite brooch a couple months back but I now find myself checking her Etsy shop once a week just to make sure there’s nothing new I need. Spoiler alert: there pretty much always is. Dangerous!

Hearts & Found

Hearts and Found is a custom made Etsy shop I’ve reviewed before and I constantly check their newly released fabrics to see if there’s a new print I absolutely have to have made into a custom dress. Well, hello there, new Livewire print! I’ve been wanting to try their Grace dress for a while, and with this new fabric I think I’m finally going to have to put in my next order.

Colourpop Cosmetics


Pressed Powders collection

Colourpop make my all time favourite liquid lipstick, their Ultra Mattes, and finally they’re brought out their own line of pressed powder shadows. Since I’m all about everything matte, it’s their matte neutrals I’m most excited for, but with talk that they’re equivalent to MAC and Make Up Geek quality at only $5 a pan, I’m eager to give them a try.

Bettie Page Shoes


Green Willow heels

I saw these green Willow Bettie Page shoes previewed at London Edge back at September and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. That green! Those leaf cut outs! That reasonable height, sturdy cone heel! Augh, too good. Cannot wait for them to begin popping up on stockists now that they’ve been released.


Friday, I’m In Love

It’s very definitely autumn now and pretty much every brand has begun to release their AW lines, or at least pre-orders and sneak peeks. There’s lots of pretty new things floating around, so what’s a girl to do? Let’s drool over them together.

Haute of Haute

The babes at Heart of Haute have loads of cute things out this season, including this burgundy-abundant Lily top and plaid circle skirt set, as well as their Dinette dresses and their cute new Retro garden pieces.

Unique Vintage 

I fell in love with this Trudy tartan dress in an instant way. The rusty brick red check, the three quarter length sleeves, that black contrast colour. Perfect! It’s available in plus size too, so everyone can get ahold of this beauty.


All Sarsparilly pieces are handmade creations in vintage inspired cuts and, often, fun novelty prints. My favourites are the above two Harry Potter related dresses and ocean-print inspired dresses.

Miss Fortune 

The Carrie swing dress isn’t a new style for Miss fortune, but they have 2 new tartan prints for this season and this red/grey one is to die for. It’s an unusual tartan colour combination I haven’t come across before and I love that.

House of Satin

House of Satin relaunched in the last couple weeks and their new pieces are gorgeous. The Tea Rose collection is my favourite, as well as the gorgeous black lace foundation suspender girdle.

Lady K Loves

Lady K Loves Mustard Yellow Splendid wrap top

Mustard Yellow Splendid wrap top

I love mustard. Not the condiment, that I hate. But the shade of yellow? Yes please. So I’m kind of obsessed with this new wrap top by Lady K Loves. It’s both sunny and autumnally perfect. What more could you want?

Vixen by Micheline Pitt

After finally trying out my first piece from Micheline’s new line, the Vixen top, the Vixen Swing Skirt is now very definitely on my wishlist, alongside her sexy, slinky leopard print Vixen wiggle dress.

Queen of Heartz

The Nicole 2pc dress set by Queen of Heartz isn’t new for this season, but it’s the upcoming party season that’s got me convinced I finally need to get my paws on this beauty because that removable tulle belt slays me. Likewise, their O’Hara dress has been long offered and yet somehow I haven’t added her to my closet, despite knowing I need to every time I see a snap of this beauty.