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  1. Hello Miss Amy May,

    Thank you much for your blog. I have recently decided to go full force with a pin up look. Is 42 too old? Your suggestions for different designers and websites have been exuberantly helpful. The one I love so far for their great service is Lindy Bop.


    Olga ramsey


    • Hi Olga!
      Of course 42 is not too old for pinup, because no age is too old! The fabulous thing about this style is that it is elegant and timeless, which means women of all ages, shapes, and sizes can dress that way, adapting the style to the level of comfort they feel fits them and their lifestyle. If you love the look then dive in! The whole pinup community is very welcoming and eager to help, I’ve always found, so keep looking around blogs, Instagram and websites to find tips, tricks and encouragement from fellow pinup lovers like yourself, and let the glamour wash over you 🙂 I’m always happy to help if you have any questions for me and I’ll do my best to answer them. And I agree, Lindy Bop are a great company!
      Love to you.


  2. I’m a 25 years old and due to surgeries I’ve had in the past I can’t wear heels. I would love to go full pin up but I get intimidated with all the women wearing heels. I feel I won’t be able to bring the full effect. Do you have any pointers?


    • Sorry for the late reply! I don’t think heels are necessary for the full effect; anytime I’m running around on errands or out somewhere casual I wear ballet flats for comfort anyway, and I don’t think it takes anything away from whatever dress I’m wearing, my pincurled hair or my red lipstick. I think as long as your overall look is polished no one will even notice that you opted for flats rather than heels. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring flats: B.A.I.T footwear for a range of great retro style flat shoes, and personally I spend half my time in a pair of ballet flats that I hand-bedazzled myself with red flat back crystals. They get attention no matter wear I wear them, so if you want something flat but snazzier for a night out, or just something that feels more fun than your average pair of flats, I’d definitely recommend you look into getting a sparkly pair of flats yourself. If you’re open to making them yourself then you can follow my guide on how here:


  3. I’m a 42 year old newbie to pin up even though my heart was there even as a little girl. I’m desperate for the Renee dress in Anchors. If you hear of one for sale anywhere could you let me know? I’m a UK 14 or a large. Thanks so much from another Amy M!


  4. hi there. I had just seen your posts and I had seen that ” Sea Siren Dress and Bolero in Mustard Yellow and Blue” by pin up girl.Can I ask for your help where I could find this dress?. im from New Zealand.


    • This is an old dress they said they wouldn’t be making in that fabric again so the only way you’ll find it is second hand from other Pinups willing to sell theirs. I don’t buy Pinup Girl Clothing anymore though so even if they did release it again in this fabric or a different one I wouldn’t be up to date on that news, you’d do best to follow their social media accounts.


  5. Hi beautiful

    I hope you are well, it’s Lauren (formerly Lolita Noir) here. I just wanted to say hi 😀 👋🏻 and let you know I’m now working under my new brand All Dolled Up UK 💋

    Gayle mentioned you’re up for another shoot in the new year 😀 I’m so excited for this 😝 and to have you model for my new brand is awesome 😀

    Also, if you have time, I’d love your opinion on my blogs.

    I can’t wait to work with you again 😝 xxx


    • Hi lovely! Yes, I’m all signed up to model for Gayle’s distinction project, lol, although last we spoke I think Gayle was hoping to come up to meet me in Brighton so I’m not sure I’ll get to come see all your lovely faces. If that’s how it pans out I definitely need to schedule a different trip to come see you all, I can’t believe it’s been over a year! Xx

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