Reviews By Brand

Clothing review posts listed A-Z by brand:  Alexandra King for Deadly is the Female Banned Retro Bernie Dexter Blue Banana Blueberry Hill Fashions Cerys’ Closet Chi Chi Clothing Chic Wish Collectif Dancing Days by Banned Hearts and Roses London Dolly … Continue reading

Lovely Lucite with Little Miss Savage

I don’t have pierced ears. It’s pretty rare these days and people tend to be shocked when I tell them that, as if I’ve told them I was born with one less toe than is usual. Even friends that have … Continue reading

The Brit & The Belle…And Little Miss Savage

Sarah Forshaw (@Forshawsarah) and Miss Amy May  (@miss_amy_may) are southern belle and southern brit pinups, respectively, who found one another on Instagram part way through their pinup transformations in mid 2013, at which point they tentatively, then all of a … Continue reading