Lovely Lucite with Little Miss Savage

I don’t have pierced ears. It’s pretty rare these days and people tend to be shocked when I tell them that, as if I’ve told them I was born with one less toe than is usual. Even friends that have known me for a decade or more regularly forget about my Virgin ears. As a non-pinup it was hard to find clip ons so I didn’t bother, never adjusting therefore to the idea of adding earrings to an outfit to complete the look.

But then I became a pinup. I discovered that sparkly sparkly Lucite earrings were a thing. It took a while for the idea of them to seep through my years of never even thinking of earrings in order to become a wishlist item, but they recently became something I’ve really grown to love and I’ve been meaning to pick out my first pair. So it was a lovely and well-timed surprise that adorable Little Miss Savage sent me a surprise pair of gorgeous green Lucite clip ons from her new Lucite earrings range to try out. And my god. Y’all. I am in love. Converted. Bring me all the Lucite.

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