I Capri-ciate Good Pants [Hell Bunny Tina Trousers]

I own only wear two pairs of trousers/pants in my pinup wardrobe. In my daily life I have to wear jeans for work, so when I’m slipping into all things vintage I opt for anything beskirted 99.5% of the time. I have a great pair of high waisted tropical pants from PUG, and one pair of very comfy but not high waisted black cropped jeans from Asda, but that’s it. Until recently those sufficed for me, particularly since anytime I came across a pair of high waisted Capri pants they seemed to cost £50 and above–a reasonable price for a pair of great fitting pants you’ll get a lot of wear out of and will last you well, but since, as stated, I’m not a pants wearer, it’s never seemed worth the investment for me.

I didn’t realise until perhaps two weeks ago that Hell Bunny make a pair of high waisted capri pants. I was immediately curious. For £20 or roundabouts, I could be down for getting a pair of budget-friendly capris for more casual affairs or perhaps occasions when skirts merely aren’t practical–such as my recent family fun day of birthday bowling.

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