Friday, I’m in Love 

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these wishlist style posts! We’re finally transitioning into the SS18 release season, though, after what felt like a very long start to the year, so there’s beautiful items appearing all over our vintage inspired community. Time to look at some of my favourites!

Voodoo Vixen

Voodoo Vixen’s full SS18 Lookbook isn’t out yet, but even from the first items we’re beginning to see making their way onto VV’s own site and to their various stockists it’s clear this is their best season yet. This Dana Tropical Print dress is beyond adorable and making me year for warm weather to have a summery garden party with my besties featuring tropical cocktails, while the Jean border print dress and skirt both feature such an authentic feeling print that it’s giving me grabby hands.


Zara have some amazing vintage-inspired handbags for sale right now, and at great prices. Whether you’re looking for something wicker, a feel of lucite or a touch of metallic basket weaving, they’ve got a host of options!

Vixen by Micheline Pitt

I have the black and white striped Dollface dress and I just love it, so I’m a bit moony over the blue striped version that’s just been released. I’m also obsessed with the Frenchie Swing dress, which is everything I could ever hope for in my black-sheer-overlay dreams.

Miss L Fire

I only have one pair of Miss L Fire shoes that I picked up in their winter sale, after swooning over a totally different pair (the Amber heels, sigh) for months. Now their SS18 pre-orders are up and these yellow and blue Loretta heels are making me feel all the things!

Miss Candyfloss

L to R: Augustina tartan swing dress, Lorena sleeveless swing dress, Giustina Roman Holiday swing dress

Y’all know I’m obsessed with Miss Candyfloss, in particular their winter lines always slay me. This SS18 line, though, is really looking to take the cake! So many gorgeous, gorgeous vibrant styles are coming our way, from fun contrasting colourblocked swing dresses to polka dots, fabulous shawl collars and all the mustard I could ever want.

Lucky Lou Shoes

I’ve wanted a pair of Lucky Lou shoes for so long now, and this beautiful green pair of hand carved Souvenir wedges is pure perfection. And in case you aren’t aware, they do some amazing bangles too; I own several of their clear lucite style bangles in red and amber gold, but I definitely need to add some of their green and black styles to my collection as well.

I could go on for an age more, but it’s probably best I don’t reveal quite how much time I spend drooling over pretty things. What have you got your eye on at the moment? Have you bought anything new recently you’re thrilled with? 

Friday I’m In Love 

Ah, January, you nemesis to the monthly budget. Christmas has gone and so have the sales, and still, still, what would you know, there are pretty things to covet. Who woulda thunk it?

B.A.I.T Footwear


These Haku boots kill me. I keep launching on desperate internet searches to find something similar that I can actually justify spending out on this month but alas, I always have to concede that my search results just cannot live up to these beauties. One day, perhaps. One day. Continue reading

Friday, I’m In Love

It’s very definitely autumn now and pretty much every brand has begun to release their AW lines, or at least pre-orders and sneak peeks. There’s lots of pretty new things floating around, so what’s a girl to do? Let’s drool over them together.

Haute of Haute

Continue reading

Friday, I’m In Love 

It’s the end of another week and time to look at some more gorgeous things I’ve recently found myself swooning over.

The Bonnit


You may have (probably have) heard of The Bonnit, a modern rain bonnet company who proudly proclaim they’re ‘not your grandmother’s bonnet.’ Each pack of 2 sports one clear and one decoratively printed rain bonnet to help keep your much-slaved-over vintage set neat and dry while you’re out and about. Continue reading

Friday, I’m In Love

It’s time again: it’s Friday and I feel like holding hands to look at some pretties together. Let’s go!



These Bonnie skirts are full, buttoned and adorable. I’ve been desperate to get my little paws on the Texas Rose print for a couple of months already, but lately the Caribbean Cruise print has been tempting me as well. Continue reading

Friday, I’m In Love!

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to lust over pretty things. That’s normal, right? You all know that slogan, surely? ‘Thank god it’s Friday, the day of commercial coveting.’ Yeah, exactly, knew you’d remember once I jogged your memory. Plus, as it happens it’s less than a month until my birthday, the dreaded big 3-0, so this lust list also happens to be a list of items I’ve been sorely tempted to add to my birthday wishlist.

Emily and Fin 


Emily and Fin Bed of Roses Florence skirt & Florence dress

This Bed of Roses print reminds me of true vintage prints, which isn’t necessarily as common as you’d expect among repro companies. It’s particularly funny since Emily and Fin aren’t strictly a vintage inspired brand, but only channel some vintage elements in their designs. I’ve never tried any of their pieces before and I’m not overly familiar with their line, but this print really tempts me to pick up my first E&F piece. Continue reading