Oh Gatsbylady! [Littleblackdress.co.uk]

I’m typically a wearer of 50s fashion and nothing more. Where the silhouettes of the 50s blend into the beginning of the 60s, with day dresses and such the like, you could say I claim partial style use of that decade too, but that’s about it. The 40s had beautiful tea dresses that don’t tempt me with my cinched-waist, full-skirt aesthetic love, and going back even further beyond that era tempts me less. Recently, however, I’ve been finding myself searching for fringed dresses, curious as to what I might look like in one, wondering if my curves would get lost completely beneath the tiers of tassles. It was in my search that I came across Littleblackdress.co.uk.

As you might expect, the team at Little Black Dress are all about providing a selection of LBDs and dresses for special occasions. They offer prom dresses, wedding guest dresses, evening gowns and party dresses, as well as, I was delighted to see, a full range of vintage inspired flapper dresses. They have a beautiful selection of beaded and fringed frocks that would look right at home on any dame attending one of Gatsby’s wildest parties, and what impresses me most is that their selection offers dresses in a full size range, from UK 6 up to a UK 30. They sell the head dresses and boleros necessary too for adopting the style fully from head to toe, for the purist, but for me it was great to be able to choose a dress I could style in a more personal or modern fashion should I want to, without feeling it was necessary to go the full 20s mile.

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