The Mix ‘N’ Match Dress

Pinup Girl Clothing make amazing dresses, there is no doubt about that. But I feel sometimes people forget that they have such a wide, versatile range of separates available too–not just tops, pants and skirts, but cardigans and shorts as well. I don’t wear trousers a lot, and never shorts, so it’s largely their tops and skirts that I own. Their Jenny skirts are one of my favourite pieces from any brand, of all time, to the point that I own 5 colourways and want several more still. One of their most popular Jenny skirts is their original harlequin print colourway, a white skirt featuring black, pink, orange and green diamonds across the entire skirt. This spring they launched an additional 3 Harlequin colourways, not just in their Jenny skirts but in their Lauren tops as well.

The Harlequin print had never been a favourite of mine until the black and turquoise colourway began to grow on me. I wanted it badly in the Jenny dress, but since I own 3 Jenny dresses already and kept telling myself ‘Now isn’t a good time’ each time this item came up in one of their sales the dress continued to elude me. Finally there was a sale at the right time for me to spend, but the black-turquoise Harlequin Jenny dress wasn’t included–the Jenny skirt, however, was. Practicality assured me that buying a skirt in the same gorgeous print was an even better idea because it offered me the versatility of pairing it with multiple tops. Continue reading