Get Ready With Me – Motherhood Edition [MissBettyDoll]

This Get Ready With Me post is brought to you by guest blogger Miss Betty Doll, blogger, Instagram babe, and glam pinup mumma extraordinaire.

I have been asked a few times how I get ready with a little one. I’m always honored when someone asks, because as a mother I have a tenancy to second guess every┬ásingle thing that I do (motherhood is one giant guilt trip. Seriously.). It’s nice to know one aspect of my life appears put together!

One thing that I have refused to budge on as a mother is my getting ready time. I am happy to shower with my child, hold her as I cook, have very little downtime and put her needs first just about all the time. I love it. I really do. But I will not give up my getting ready ritual, and I will not give up my pretty dresses. I think it’s important as a mother to weigh up something that is important to you and hang onto it for dear life, because if you don’t make it a priority – it won’t be. Continue reading