Edgy Pinup – The Coat Alternative

Being a pinup can cause some serious weather-related frustration, some ‘But my outfit is so cute and no one will see it under my coat!’ pain. It’s a sad fact┬áthat adapting your favourite pinup looks to the weather can be difficult, but the one good thing about super cold weather is at least it makes your coat decision easy–you simply grab the warmest coat you have. Luckily a swing coat, full sleeved and able to house your petticoated full circle skirt, looks as classic and chic as it is warm.

But in that time just before Spring–and well into spring, to be fair, for us dreary Island dwelling Brits used to random bursts of damp and chilly weather most the year round–it can be hard to balance your outerwear needs with your outfit requirements. Yes, your trench coat will look good, but if the sun peeks out later you’re not only going to get too hot but you’re going to have to cart that coat around, looking as cumbersome and bothered as you feel. Going without a jacket at all is asking not only for trouble but rain and possibly wind too. Finding a cute middle ground that works with a full circle skirt as well as pencil skirt can be hard.


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