Peasant Perfection [Doll Me Up]

I like a peasant top. Or two. Or 11, if we go by the number hanging in my closet. I just feel like they’re a comfortable and flattering top to throw on to complete your vintage styled outfit. Whether you’re pairing them with capri pants, swing skirts or pencil skirts, they’re cute and easy to wear. I also happen to think an open-to-the-air collarbone is flattering for every woman, both an area of skin that is both innocent and sexy at the same time when exposed, and peasant tops are great for a bit of bear shoulder action.

I own 9 peasant tops by Pinup Girl Clothing, all of which are of their original, older design that doesn’t feature the new curved seam in the bustline. That new design isn’t to my taste, so I decided I was going to have to look elsewhere to fulfil my peasant needs in future if I wanted to expand my collection. Lucky me, Doll Me Up have recently released a wide range of their new Pleasant Peasant tops, available in 14 colours so far. At $24.99 a-piece they’re budget friendly, and featuring a smocked elasticated back portion rather than any zippers or button closures, they’re comfort friendly too.

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