A Little Bit Of Toile


Seeing a picture of the always fabulous Miss Winny in this toile design a couple months ago sparked a dress lust inside me so fierce it almost made me ache with the sad fizzling passion of a dying sun. The dress is Le Palais Vintage, a line Winny designs herself, but said line doesn’t size high enough to accommodate my pasta tummy and my cake hips, so buying this exact dress was out of the question for me. I went on a google spree and found a picture of Dita Von Teese rocking another gorgeous toile design–a┬áVivienne of Westwood number, which was, needless to say, out of my price range. My search engine travels did turn up many a willow pattern-esque result, but all of them seemed to price at $150 and above and this little lady has got to stop spending so much this year to┬ástart saving for her stateside jaunt this fall. Continue reading