And So It Begins

You are a gorgeous specimen. I know we’ve only just met, but I can already tell. You, with your face and your sparkly, sparkly eyes, with which you are perusing my words. I’m telling you, doll. You’ve got it all going on. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll conquer the world!

(Did it work? Are you utterly enamored with me yet and thoroughly convinced I know exactly what I’m doing with this whole blogging business? No? Damn. I’ll keep working on it.)

Okay, seriously though, hi! Most of you reading this will be lovely beings who already follow me on Instagram, and where that is the case you should know that I think you are super adorable and you should say hi if we haven’t already greeted one another with such. For anyone else that may have found this, I feel like I should give you a little introduction.

I’m Amy. I’m English, a former farmgirl who resides in the countryside of  South East of England, and I’ve been dressing in the 50s pinup style since early 2013. I own far too much makeup (it is legitimately ridiculous,) my hair doesn’t always co-operate, and even though my mother claims I buy too many dresses I believe it to be fully allowed because I am always a bargain hunter. I don’t have perfect skin. I like to eat too much. I can walk in 5.5 inch heels but truthfully I mostly just wear them for going out to (and thus sitting down for) dinner.

This is me


But then so is this so be aware what you’re dealing with here


(Caressing a wooden bear, totally normal behaviour. Not a weirdo at all.)

Here’s a snapshot of the kind of things I’m hoping to share with you in the near future


In particular I’m planning a beginner’s guide to Pinup Girl Clothing, ‘How To’s on bedazzling and retro hair flowers, makeup product reviews, such as my new favourites the Bourjois Velvet Edition Mattes, retro inspired lingerie on the high street, and False Eyelashes for Beginners. If any of these ideas are at the top of your must-read list then drop a comment to let me know so that I can prioritise the posts. Likewise, if you’ve got ideas for other things you’d like to read about then comment those as well. I don’t claim to be an expert in any way on the pinup style, but hopefully I can satisfy your requests.

For now, thank you for reading and I hope to see around on my future posts.

With a wink and a kiss, just for you, because I really did feel that chemistry back there at the start, you cutiepie 😉

‘Til next time.

2 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. It’s been my experience with eyelashes that the glue makes my natural ones weak and they fall off. What is a glue that does not do that?


    • Ive never found this problem myself, but I do think you should make sure to use a good lash glue like Revlon’s or Duolash. Make sure you’re sticking the lashes to your lid rather than right onto your lashes to avoid applying too much pressure to your real lashes when you remove the falsies. If you continue to have issues you might simply have very delicate lashes naturally, so i’d suggest researching products to strengthen your lashes. Ive read things here and there in the past about natural remedies for that, I’m sure, so there will be different options for things you can try at various price ranges.


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