A Memory of Autumn [Hell Bunny]

I’m not an orange lover by any means, but a rich rust shade absolutely proves my exception to that rule. If anything, burnt apricot tones are some of my very favourite of all colours, and certainly some of the tones I most look forward to in autumn. Whether it’s on my person or on the trees (and thus, eventually, the ground,) the cinnamon tones of fall is probably the single thing that brings me the most joy in that season. As such, it can be no great surprise that I fell in love with this Tawny dress by Hell Bunny the moment I clapped eyes on it. It may be dreary and wintery outside now, but let’s fall back into autumn with Tawny.

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Rhea & Alberta Are Ready to Shine [Ruby Shoo]

Last year was an uncertain year for us all, obviously, but as we move into December that uncertainty seems to be coming back around for many of us, thanks to Covid. The small joys of Christmas are still on my mind, despite that precariousness, and if there’s one thing that feels concrete for me, no matter life’s circumstances, it’s that Christmas means sparkles. Ruby Shoo’s Rhea heels and Alberta handbag set certainly has sparkles to offer in abundance.

Pinup Miss Amy May models the black sequin Rhea low court heels and black sequin Alberta bag by Ruby Shoo for reviewPinup Miss Amy May models the black sequin Rhea low court heels and black sequin Alberta bag by Ruby Shoo for review

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Gemma, Vintage Perfection [Banned Retro]

For quite a while I’ve been wanting to get a brown or burgundy vintage style handbag. Wanting it to be medium-sized means modern high street stores likely wouldn’t have what I’m looking for, as even when they lean into vintage inspirations they often then make it comically small (what is going on with the tiny bag trend right now?! Do not understand) or on the larger size, like a tote bag. Considering I already have a burgundy faux croc tote sized bag that I rarely reach for because it is so large, I was being very specific in only buying precisely what I was looking for and not something ‘near enough,’ as I sometimes do when I get frustrated shopping on a budget. Well, my prayers were finally answered when I stumbled across this Gemma bag by Banned Retro. In fact, I loved the style so much I also snapped it up in the green. Sorry, did I mention shopping on a budget? Er, just forget that bit while we look at my TWO BEAUTIFUL NEW HANDBAGS.

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London in Velvet [Charlie Stone Shoes]

As I detailed last week when reviewing their Manhattan glitter flats, Charlie Stone Shoe’s 2021 autumn/winter line is a family reunion of re-released and reimagined past bestsellers. One of the reimagined kin is the London flats, previously available in red and this year released in a navy velvet, a perfect match to the gown I’ll be wearing for my younger sister’s twice-rescheduled wedding next spring. There was simply nothing for it; I had to order both. If you read last week’s Manhattan review you’ll know I adore them, and so it is likely no great surprise to learn I feel just as ardently about the London.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the navy velvet London flats shoes by Charlie Stone Shoes for a fit review

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Nothing Rusty About Manuella [Miss Candyfloss]

Another day, another post in which I explain how I fell in love with a dress from Miss Candyfloss’s lookbook. I know it sounds repetitive, but that’s only because it’s true. Pouring through the new Miss C lookbook each season to see what the latest line will have in store for us is genuinely one of my favourite parts of a new season, not just because Miss Candyfloss is my favourite brand but also because I love it when a brand shows you sneak peeks of their upcoming line. It sets expectations, letting you know whether the aesthetic for the range fits with your own tastes, and if so, helps build excitement as you wait for your favourite previewed pieces to debut. This Manuella-Amber was one of my (yes, many,) instant faves, and I think she’s a doll.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Manuella-Amber dress by Miss Casndyfloss for a fit and size review

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Glittering Manhattan [Charlie Stone Shoes]

Charlie Stone Shoes made a name for themselves by designing glamorous, high quality flat shoes. As their popularity has grown, they moved into also producing heels and handbags. They produce a new themed range each season, with their special edition spring/summer range this year inspired by the art nouveau architecture of the city of Porto, with a nod to the magical world of a certain famous boy wizard. For Autumn/winter 2021, the theme is Home for the Holidays, a representation of the hope we feel for reuniting with our families this coming ’21 holiday season with a Charlie Stone family reunion of their own, re-releasing some of their past bestsellers and reimagining a few others. When I saw that their much loved Champagne Manhattan flats would be re-released I knew I would be making an order, as I deeply regretted not snagging a pair the first time around. Well, I can you tell you one thing for sure, they’ve certainly lived up to my high hopes!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models  the champagne glitter Manhattan flats by Charlie Stone Shoes

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Tuva Makes a Statement [Miss Candyfloss]

There are several things that Miss Candyfloss offer that other vintage inspired brands just don’t. For one, they have a proper appreciation for mustard and teal, which alone wins my affection. Another is their use of the peplum, elegantly incorporated into dresses, jumpsuits and blazers alike with joyful regularity. Yet another is this double-collar design, often employed with contrasting fabrics for maximum impact, as is the case with this Tuva-sun blazer. Just looking at it, I dare you to tell me any other brand is offering what Miss Candyfloss does.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Tuva-Sun blazer by Miss Candyfloss for a fit and sizing review

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